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Their Lives In Poetry

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The foilawing was prepared an-1 reelted at the GOuj uitivei-Bttry ai the marriaííe oí Mr. aml Mrs. Iioswell Waterman. Feb. 22, 1902, by Dr. Harrii-1 Swattiel Oarbaugli: iiather early in tast eentury Way cast in New York state Was bom a girl baby Whosc name was Sophronia, She grow ui to young glrl-noiod Then resdéss surge df htunairity wiiich lias fevered for ages Possessetí all races and peoplea Thai ifóllowa the sun to its gettlng ( 'ii-riin.LT the rartli ever westward OaugUit her rriepttein is fiood ttde, Bore t'licm to the Northwestern territory: Stayed iln-ir tootatepe in this fair península In our owd beloyed state Michigan, U'hry camie to eóuntëy Washtenaw?' (So prtmounced by oM Indians) Strayed id a pte'ce ealled Ann Arbor, Tii. y eJewed the Burrouodtogs; The stayed bere, content Wiih the prospeel Ive future. II, ir she lives as a maiaen. i rrew n i tu be inisy. Became a teacheí oí ehildren, 'bs beloved b I 'oj lier manners so gentle, Her kinilnoss oí heart anü her goodOne ilay wppeüveü on lier horizon A speek Hiai gren' larger Drew nearer, csme elsw And eloeer, yel nearer feevealtog fhe Comn Of a yuutli. Stalwai-t and vijrorous and rugged was lic; StHl advaiK-inji behold him. Mie callan! ;imi doughty ysung Rosi'H - Wlio came In the guise t' a sultor, Anil asked for the hand of -Swiibronia: He wooed lier and plead hls oause eagerljtj Shc coBsldered the matter, cónsented And tlius uliey wi-re wed In the year 1812. in rhe home of her ('atlier. t Mie tale of thetr tollhïgs, la'bors, and strivings is soon told, ! l'-i I lir.v rlll'li V:U'(1 the BOll, sonie aeighbors, ThiMi ralsed tltem a Pair brood of fhlldren, Vo ile, Pame and Gei Am! also Hhe dearly beloved The fmll m the stud n The lirsi one to l.-iy diown I turdn. These broodlings grew a A riiiht sturdy man'ho A.nd nevet strayed far froiu Th _- of Motlier Bul thej svert oO i Car away plaKíes, Made i; - hoaneg, 'Bëc ing l-iümI eitizens; 1 1 :i ii ulI 1 1 1 Pamela üBiewise raised her ahil-dren. 'riu'ii returned to the home roof. f" cari for bhegiow aged párente, Wh'i iiii-iiiiw hih' had forsaien The eountrj-'s seelusion Had shaken lts ilusi fn.m their Ceet, Had liictl to tbc city Te spend ilic remainder of Their Uves in peace .nul in quiet. Ten yearsafeo oow, eigfrteen hundrèd And nincty. plus fcwo, There caane t these bwo Thelr flftietfh anniversary Of T.heir wedding day WTitch teil on the Wrthday nf uur conntry'a fatber, Twenty-seoond of Ptónwrj', And with thf day the people, 'l'iic ï-clativcs. all of them Their Tvlvea and thcir ehildren, Oame huid thelr houaehold To give oongratulations Thai i" a golden wedding 'l'lii'sc nvn had ati;iiinLl. Sin.'c tlicn fhj'rc -t.hry Uave stayed The uhoif ut' eaeh winter as soon as oauae'sutrimer Thfv took the ure, Ti the land f Petoskey, To Bay 'icv's cooHng waters, To ii-;!i and to rest; Ainl walk 'ncalh the [lincs. Bu1 wherever tlicy we In cacli. at lioi:li places, Thry were admlred, respected Be oved by their nelgihbors, They always attent The -MiThodist meet Said grave at thrir la b Had fanilly prayers. Lived Ilvea iliai were simple liad a home tliat was -ozy. W ful WiTC tl-ul.V colil [;( ! , Living out ttieir expectancy, A:;i] also beyamJ tlnu. mhv tUf.v (have arri ■ in'W aimiversary. Theii' sixtieth, a marvel, And f min far anti from ïu-ur Cotoe a fatkering of clans, 4 celébrate this acTiievement, '!'( vu.ioy a retiñían, And bid the oíd people Thcir klndllest greetin To more gather "round The iPatr oard. V wi.sli thc.iii nmch joy Ai t.his sixtieth celebration We hope their lives ■vill remain As tliey have 'boon PeaceCul and quiet, sober and'godly, lïf-fitting th closing ot lives' long career. Once more, ere we leave Ve patise to survey them. Ur.-isp (íhelr bande, in goodibj'es, l!il them faiteweH and góod cheer.