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The Song Sung On The Occasion

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The followlng song was sun by N. W. Oheever mul Mr. Kolt HUI, oí Detroit, at the 6Oth muiivrrsiiT oL tin1 nrarrtage olf Mr. and Mrs. Soawell Watermaii, FeU 22, 1902: TUK DOWN-ïniiL OF I.II'i;. In tfhe down-bil] otf Ufe, when I find I'in clecllntng, May iii.v t'.iti' no less fortúnate be, Tlian ;i Bnug rllmw i-h.(ir -an afford for n'lininu. And a ent ih.ii o'erlooks t'be widc sea : With an amfbllng pad-ponyb to pace o'er i lic 1,-nvn. Whilt' 1 earol away fdle sorrow, Anii tolythe as the lark ttal (-ich day hails fehe il.'in'ii. Look forward with hope for tolllDl'I'H-W. Wiiii a poroÜ .-H niy door both Lor .-liclti-r and sihade too, As the siins'lüiii' or rain may prevalí; VVitih a smal! spol oí ground for the use oí' t spade too, Ajiil B liarn for the use of the flall; A eow foi' njy tlairv. a diOg Pot iny game, And a purse wbén a Eriend wants to to borroTv, I'M envy no naböb hls riohes or lame. wiiai honors may watt liim toUinïTOW. l-'nmi rilt' Mi-al; uortihern bljasl may niy eo) be eompletely Secured by a neigliborrng hill: And al. Qlgill may repose steal upon me more sweetiy, By bhe souod tri' the munnurin rill: And while peace anti plenty I flnfl at in.v board, Wit h a hrari free from slclmess and gOTTOW, Wltfh iiiy r'rit'iids I wlll share wüiat today may afford, And u-i thcm spread the tatole toDKHTOW. And when I al last must iIii-oav olí this fraii cov'ring, Wliirii I've o for bhreescore years and ten, n rhc brink oC the grave ril not eeefc I keep ln'v'nni;. S'or niy ihrcad uMsh to spin o'er agaln; l'.ui iiiy Eaoe in the glass I'li ser' rarvey. A :;■'. v ' :i u rittlde ' fuwwr, As this olit worn mi! stuff, wlii.-h is dbare today, Ma; :_■ tomorrow.