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New School For First Ward

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The V. s. Perry school, here shown, will have a total frontage DÍ tló feet, ind .-i!, avíi-ogc deptb of abouí S0 feet, ind tlio material oseu wil! bé urick i u i stone. Ii is iiitfiiilcil t be the ,, si of ili" public school miliiiii-s in y mi Arbou, t ■ i ii in pohil ui eonveniiiiee .■nul in artis lents of rooms Is !': ully mui and elaborated bj the trchltect, VV. A. Otis Who , ■■cil sonie 'i satisi tliinois. isiutj made Cor 12 rooms iboui in ]iuiüs i:r. wlíh a possibíMty of later utiliz}ng basement space Por more, ai sonth and west, sUould it 'be nci-cssary. the sloping grade of ..i i-enderiug thte Ceasible, th three ■ooms being entlrely above grade. The ligt ioo] rooms w't far as feasible be froöa one sijie only, ;hus makáaig ih.-n slde oí room nearly all glass and so obvlating to a greai ai cross and l'i'iïnt liglits. v,-liich icleBeé Uas eonclnslvely proved i -i severe a strain upoii both pupils'and ere' cycs. ilirfcrcni sioiii's are reaohed by in-'Mii. splendldly ügim-ii stalrcdses, and all attention has been glven to gett{ng the vit.v best sanitary arrjingements Ln beatlng, ventilation, anl plumbing, tliai are possible with tlie money al commi 'J'hc exterior ia a natural outgrowth of the floor plan arrangement, and ivhile treated wiiii great slmpüci lie vi'vy imp witU earefuiiy srudied pn ,vithThe R"üíe projecting eaves, an3 gire ;i r. I lian feelii design, li is iiic intentionjto asé Ixnvlilrr stone Por the basemeni .-nul I) iii'i.-k a'bove, í.-iiil in red mor'tin sluiiinl prices permlt, fotire first st.ry may also be of ibis game atone. 'J'lit' interior finish is tu be Gi with nple floors and oak staíi-s. There w': lant walH9Cting in all cori'idors, and blackboai'ds are ea lied fór In all rinis. H s expecteo lo commence woi-b us sooii as n-eattier permita su ihat building may lie ready tor in the fall.