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""- '""■ - - - "r - "- Mrs. and Mr. ff. G. Ovenshire are reoieing over the arrlval otf a baby gir.1Miss McC-luce is eonfined to her laome FeffersoD streel wiih the muinps. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Goetz, of Ashley oieing over a little baby - The ahnual supper for the ST. W. ('. ,. -vill be glven uu Monday evenlng, Mareh 3. Twodrunks weie before Justice Doty erday, wlio gave them c-ich 10 s in j.-iil. Víctor G. Ben'z, bhe tmptemeat Jeal!r. has purehased the OIlion homestead on Y. Ilni-on si. Special mnsic by the vested choir will be given at the evening service aext Sunday in St. Andrew's church. The tile on the roof of the new D., Y.. A. A. & J. Ky. Co. is being placed ín position. It will look very pretty vfh-en finished. V.'stcni.-iy the D., V.. A. A. & J. By. Ce. made a number of bowoship treasrers happy by paying n ] lts taxes ander protcsi. Tboe. OoPbetl was tastalled as vcnei-able counsel of the Modern Wooduien Tucsday evenlng in place oí Sid Millard, wiio reslgned. Mrs. Markley entertained a number of her friends Jast evening. It was a ilclightfully informal afl'air. Dainíy ■sliments were served. The Aan Aiboi (as (. Uas in■reased is capital ir $100.oM) to SL'iKt.lMI:! ailtl lias ülfd a llotici' tO fier! wit ïi the secretary of state. regular montlhly meeting of tne r.adies' LIbrary board will aext Monday afternoon at Uie librnry. Several new books will be orderetl. Aiidrew Rogers, 617 Packard - traded liis res Car Khai oí Mrs. George l.iddcll of Miller avenue. They espeet to move aböai April 1. nelius Tliorp. ah aged and respeeted eitizen of Milan. ditd at hls lioini' Tuesday. He leayes a famüy of six eliildren .-iikI uix graiidchildreii. A slt'ijíliviilc party of 33 young peoplè visiteo Mr. and Mrs. George April of (■} last Flïdav evening. Slipper .nul .■uiii's imulr i lic cvening :m enjoyable tne.. siiiKin Dieterle enteptaineci .-i few MendS M(Hi(l;iy evelliüg. JklUSiCy games, and elegant peireehïnents made :m long bp be remenorbeped by ilrase present. John Hursi of streei pleaded ginlty to heilig drunk and paid $3.88 -iits. He wem home and made somc tiwible with bis fainily and for this he was arrested. Joliu GofKlwin. by hls attorneys, Oavanamglh & Wedemeyer, bave cwumenseed suit against Vlary Xoonan for s,"i(_MJ for work and labor. All the partiea 'h've iu Webster. Mr. and MrS. Will Miller entertained h ïiuinber of friends Weduesday evenFifteen games of progresslve pedro were played, after wliich a delieloua suii)er was served. rhere will bp a Sunday school eonvenTioii of iiie luwiisiiins of Webster iind Northtield oh 'Mardli 14, afternoon and evenlng. The sessions wi'l be held at the Lel and cliureh. Mis Bessie Oonlon lias aecepted a position in tiie millinery departnieut iL' the new store whirli E. I', Mills wil] open up March 20. Site will also as assistant aalëslady. The Y. W. C. A. twfll servo supper ou next Saturday evening in the aasoelatkm rooms. Business pöople or any others "wlio care to do o may get aa exceptionally fine supper for 15c. W. H. iSchairer, a aloonUeeiJer, on Wednesday waived examination before Justice tübsuii ou the ctiarge ot selU ing liquor on Washtugton's birtlulay. ,He was bound over to ilie circuit eourt. Littie ciladys I.yous eníertalned about 10 of lier littie frientls Tues■lay afternoou t'rom '1 to 5 o'elock. Games of all sorts made, the littie ones eujtiy the afternoou greatly. A datnty supper was served, the llttíe liostess lierselif preskling at the chocolate pot and littie .May (ates a&Sistiftg in The Third Ward Reading eirclo met at the 'home of Miss Iva Gregg last Monday erening. The inembers partreipated in a ■Browning" program. ■His Ufe and works were interestiugly dwel-t on. Charles Corrao, a satooukeeper, was before Justice Doty Wednesday ■eharged with Helling Hquor oa VVashingtou's birthday. He Tv-aived examinatiou and was bound over to the circuit court Northwestern nolrerslty has passed a rule barring all students who smoke cfgarettes. If this rule applied at Michigan, the U. of il. would not rank wi-oiid in point of attendance in the United States. ;ilrs. Eliner StofBet very pleüsantly entertained the M. G. IR. pedro clul her home 'Wednesday aftörnoon. ïlu' prizes were won by Mrs. Fred Showerman and' Mrs. Harkins. Goöd refreshrnents were served. In the case of Elizabeth Wyile vs. Charles Alber. peadtag in the circuit cour!. 'II. Kdwanl .Johnson, the attorney for the plaintiit. has consented that Cavanaugh & Wedemeyer be substituted as attoraeys in hls place. Aliout twenty members oí the Ypsilanti l-uly Macca-bee visited Arbor hive on Tuesday evening. After the Initiatlon of seferal c.tiïïlidates, coffee aud sandwiches were served and a pleasani social hour was enjoyed. Cyrciu'.s Mofgaii was given a trial before .lusücc Gibspn Tuesday charged with violating the traasient trader ordlnaiice. He was found guiity and fined f20 and eosts. He appealed bhe ease t_o bhe cirrui( eourt. The Ladies' éoeii ty oí blie Bethtehem Evangélica! church were pleasant!y enterfained Tuesday aftenioon ly Mrs. Betoinger of the grave! road. Tluy had uitf-ink'd haring a aleig'hi- i . i i . bul iiistead flrore out in car Mrs. i'liy liml. i Stropes, wife of F. Y. Sti'Oies oí s.-io. died Wedneaday, Hged 67. The funeral services n'Ul be ihis ufteriuKHi al 4 o'clock al ate residence. The remains will be i ; i u . - r l to Galestmrg, Hl., for interment.' Séneca Litchardwas adjudged lusane yesterduy mul Jiidge W'atkins or'-iered hiS i-oiuillilniciil tO bhe PoÓtifflC asyluui. Ex-iMarsUal Gerstnèr will take hina to iliat instituttóii tpday; There seems to be linie hope for I.ilrhanl's foeov ery oí his mlnd. The suliject for deliate al the NorthSlde lyceum ue.vt Saturilay evening will be "Resolved that over-eathig has eaused more wlde-spread misery ihaii warfare." This prortiises to be very interesting aml tlese mteetings are i]iell tO t ll plll li-. Major and .Mrs. Soule gave a deHghtful diijner party Wednesday evening to frientis. The table was beautifully decorated In pink carnatioiis. Covers were lahl Tur s'txieen. The (linner was given esjiecially to introduce gome OÍ the ii,'v members ttt the factilty. Mrs. O. .Vibro, oi 1 l-'U Lincoln aveiiuc has purchased a new upriühl piano froin Heller iV Co. Wiih this iliey CuruJsUed the music for dancing at the party given in hoiior of Miss Euiina Warren. All enjoyed a good time. She received many pr,etty prescllts. Mis.s Marie Krench gave a pros ve pedro party to a nuniber of huí friends Tnesday eveuhig. ïhere wer four tables and 10 games ere plnyed. Miss ÏBg wun lirst prize ;r?id M. 1. (rasre ctrrried oft' eonsolatkm prize. ■ i lic gaines a chaftng dlsh supper was sewed. The rnivcrsiiy regente mei yesteril;iy ifternooil : t ii(l iransjcicd routine tuisim ss. N'oBe of the plans for fbe ïit'w iiuildiims were taken up. so rh.-ii maller was cteferred mui! tlic oeXt meeting, wliich wil I be held Mareh 1T. j arsjiual imduci will Uso eome up ;u rlnii time. Two week t'nmi boulghl will oci-ur tlu' i'nunli annual eoncert of tin Tivblc ('let' eluli. il is li. 'be glveu in the l'.ailis chiH'ca undr The ;uispices of llif V. M. C. A. Tickets are lm ci-uis and are aow uu sale. The proeeeds will go to buy a new piano fw the Y. U. C. A. Tbc l.adies' Aid society Of DlxbOFO will gfive :i clnckcn pie social al tin' liiinic otf Mi's. Krecuian Covert, l'iiday evenlng, Mareh T. Supper for adulta 15c; rhildivn under 12 ycars. 10e. 'l'hc nioiicy reaüzed will be applled n the pastor'a salav.v. EJvery oiie is eordially iiivitcd to ic present. The order of tlic Temple was COnl'erred upim Philip ÜIUIII Tuesday Illghi by the Aim ArböT ('(luiuiaudcry. after wliich Grand Oommander Hawley, irt' bhe (rand ( 'oiiiiiiaiidcry OÍ Michigan, hekl au inspeotion. At the close of the iuspection llght refreshmeata were served and a social huur waa eiijeycd. Mr. and Mrs. Waltzke of Miller nuc'1 ,u')i 1 1) i 1 1 entertained a few ï'ncnds ai cards. llrs. Wva. Wotzke eaptured the ladies' tost prlae and Albert Staebler tflie gentlemen'a tart prlze. Tli i-óiis.ijhnioii ladies" prize was seeured by ilis.s Lillian Fohey and gentlemen's -onsolntion by ,1. V. Keefe. Refresümnts were served and a good time eujoyed. Oeprge Apfci is indulging in cok plunge baths diese momiiigs. Tin gtrange pan of it is that h select siii'h inconvcnit'iit places to takt' Wedoesday morijiug early he wou out . inio country miiöiows so lie says. and wheu he found a pal ticulavly tlrcp and muddy ]hi1 h cümiH'd out. ilv. Apfci changad hi cl clotiH's fur dry ones at. Mr. La fhrop's House and seeins to í'eel a fnsky as ever a fier his cold plung( These baths niay he nealtlil'ul tout Mi Apt'el is quite weteouie to íhe use o all the streanis heréaboot for the put pos,.. TIn case oí Jolin and Mary Hughes s. John 01. Steel, foefore Júsrtloe , mi. was Tuesday ncljudfipd to Inrcli .i. The siiit was Iiroutdu Tur B ; Janee of reñí Cor real estáte In Sclo. l'hc ih'i'i'nsc ia iiiai sti-cif bas been ued by Áodrew Hughes for trespass ii the same land. Caranaugh & Wei.Miu-yt'i- appeared Cor Bfae plaintlffe ind Frank Joeelyn for the defandant. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Neithammer, "i1 (roaüway, ave a very pleasant party iV'ednesdáy evenig to atoaui So or 60 i f their friends. Dancing vvas iadulged ii unti) a late hour. Music was i iísIumI by Messrs. Sntoek and Rtwney. di']ic-ii)iis Slipper was si'l'vcd at midligiht. 'l'lic party brote up In tfie we Mna' hours, everybody jolnitg in l.r opinión ihai Mr. and Mrs. Neltlammei' are roya! entertainers. Died at Lake, Indiana, Vida Plerce Alfxandcr, wife of George E. Alexander, Tiiesday. Febraary 25. SIrs. Uexandr was formerly oí Webster uul very well kttown in -Aim Artwr. She was a devoted ehureli worker and beloved by all who knew her. Her íusband will have the deep sympathy of a wiUe clrcle of fi-iends. Funeral it the Webster Congregational fchurel Fi-iday at 1:30 p. m., and ínterment in he Webster cemetery. In the clianeery case of Clara Dresselhouee vs. Laniliert Dresselluijise. Thompson L. Idddngs and BMzabeth L. [dtiings the anawer of the two latuer lia been ftled by A. F. & F. 6 l-'i-eeinan. Mieir solicitors. 'l'Uey deny all Kinnvledu-e oá Bhé faots alleged 'hy the eomplainant in his bilí to reform and riin-eri a description of a r.iurtgage and claim fhe eomplalnan! has beeu guilty of laches aeglecl mtö dëlay In institutin'g prtceedings. art irles of iacorporat ion of the Vjisüíi mi ( 'anning Oo. have been in ' tli the county clerk: lts object is the inannl'a.-ture of eanued -goods froin ii-nii and vegetables. lis cnpítal. stock is 12.700. cdnslstins: oif 1,270 aliares &t fio eadi, and is pla e business is V psi l;i til i. lis ineorporators with .iiiiount of stock heM by each is. Frank 1'. Worden, 215 aliares: .los. E. Waroer, 215; Wilüain II. Everett, 215i Traey Towner, 215, and Pred W. Green, 215. Ai i lie Unltarian ehurcb next Suudiaj nioi-niiiK Etev. Charles E. StJohn, ai' Boston, will preach, lio is s;vntar.v af the American üntorian Assoclation. Last fall he preaáiea tlie opening sermón :u the great Dnitarian conference in Saratogá, a great compllment to him as a preaSner, for be is Uic youogest man who ever oceupied. this ixisition, whieli earries with ít the iiighest honor whieh Unltarians evor foestow upon any oí tlicir ministers, Jacob Km-, (ikhi at nis resMlence In ihis city Wednesday tnorning, the L'tírh instant, after a long illncss. Mr. Katz was a Qiember oí the First Michigan Infantry and held the office of sorgeant in liis eompany during the sloriny days ni' '61 to '''. aiul was trae tu liis adopled country in all the dnties lie was ealled upon to perfopm. He as a good sulilier. and has alSO proved au excellent citlzen. Ile was als., au esteemed meruber oi' Welch l'usi. 6". A. K.. of this city. The funeral will lake plaoe at fhe house. 420 Thh-d street. today (Friday) at 2:30 p. in. As the Post is in t called to attend the funeral as a body the? are earnestly urged individually to attend thé last sail rites of tlieir old comrade at the above nour.