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Story Of The Sculptured Stone

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Aun Arbor, Feto. 24, 1902. Editor ï the Argus: I smw in tWs ;iiiii-míiii;-"s Freé Press an iifiii wliich 1 have Been severol rimes. I will iiow eorreet ii. John Martin Halm. whose tombstone in fche Germán litirial ]il.-ire lias allrarlril 8O muöh attention, lived witli my brotlier t'our miles cast oL Aun Arbor on Míe Batsford farm. As Mr. Halm was coming Croan the Beid his cafc blew oflf, whirh Crighteued the lidtses he was. da-h-lng. As tjiey ran tihrowgïi tlie gateway into the yard the heel sinirk Mie gate [K'sr throwio Uu ':ï the wagon, break rug his nei-k. He iiveil a vei-y ahort linie. 1 as ai imme at tlie time and u ith him When toe ilieil 1 knoiv the particulars. Wtoy the ■a made as it is we have often vrondei-ed .as there was no box on the wagan at the time of the" mrul. ANNA BOTSPOBD l'.Al'H.