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Hiram Pierce Passed Away

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GheÑea, Mich., Feb. -"-■ i-puty Greut í'ominamltf Noble Ashtey, oí' Detroit, v;is in town yesterdfty visitíng tho int'iniKírs of CtoeJsea 'J'ut, K. O. T. M., suggesting many qilestlons to the memlxTS that sflii to tío of vitaJ Importance to ihé oi"der. DepW:y Slioriff W. 'R. Letoman reeovrl the glasees talen from I)r. Eob■inson's offi-e ii) Ann Arbor a few days a;go. The samt iúivi7g been lispisHl oí at a pa-ttTibivkcr" snop by tlie man Wbü TlK'k tlK-lll. Yesiterday Frank Leadh lnnight Tilt? first load of wool b-rougïrt to Ihis market this yeer. The clip was pwchaseJÖ of Wm, Hessis?h.wntt, óf Sharoo, fojisisriiijr f 117 fleeces of wool, and prce paid w;is 16 Chelsea buy. g 1 f cents for fine wool. Prof. Fred Gorton and son, af the Normad eofflege, ípsitanOl, are speinclIng a few da.vs w iili father, Heury Gorton, of tfhis place. School Bxainrtoer l. R. Hoppe reports tliat tihere are '■'■' pupös wfoo are takiiiií ilic eigíhtíb grade exaniinations tere. The -Manila Washington s'ial at Öie boou'1 uf Mr. and Mix. F. r. GWazler, giveai by Üi ESpworth league last uiirht. was a v7 flne attair and raany of fhe fostuuHw arwl ways of "ye goode o)d lays" wero óbtserved, and tlie oasli Box of the 'league vus t-ouiñderably beavitr at the close of the eveiiing tbflTi it u-as n the tnonihig. OhHsa, .i-h., Fefe. 24. Tb' Mecchant Milling "o. will l?iii the rebuilding and piaciaig iu of machinery at Ctoêleea roller milis today, and wh(n tjhe eontaip!;UMl chaaiges are all CotnpMbed the company expeet to have a flouríng mül that will be in first -!ass shape in evei-y respect. 'X"lie play t'h-at will iven by t'he Ilijrli s-hool Ati: eiatlon alt tal e xpera house Fritay eveniiijr of this week promisee to be a su.v-ess in every res]x-i aml wil1! deeerve the liberal patronage that is promlsed. 'I'iiid W. Minjray was c-aMed bq bis old fconie in (.Jaiuulii b;v the death of a. brcther Saturday. Eniamu'I RaiN-is i-f'i lor Wasliini-ton Oiis moraiog1. Avguat Si-!ia'i4-ni!-i:iir and Mr. Wamk aepod Smïday in Detroit. Miss Carrte Barrels and Clara pent Suiulay wilh .Mr. and Airs. Julius Ungerer in Aran Arbor. Last i-venina' Dr. O&áter began a ei-M'S of taiks that wílá be given Smda.v.s at Bhe M. E. cbuneh for a few ïïd'k xm 1iis trip t tiifi Holy Iand. .', lay or s. ago Henry ScSramaciier, while engaged In riioes a norse in h;s . laeksmith shop, met with an accident that'Jias conflned hira tolhis home and will for a few lays to come. Hiram Pleroe, of .Sylvan's pioneers, dlinl at bte 'houie onc 'mile sontfh of this rtltage rtirly Ki-iday morniiig, aged s) year8, 4 ïuimrhs and 14 days. JJe was [tu n. Manchester, Ontario COBBty, N. Y. At the age of 27 years tie wüis united ra man-iagp with a Miss Cassady, wbo survives hfrn. To this rinion were mom 11 cbiMres, 10 of whom are !h hu;. Mr. PJerce Tvias one of th'M lar;ijst farm owiu-rs in this part of mie eoumty. Tbe funerail vu held at hifl late home yestxtay aftwnoon and was one of the targest ever attendfil in this part of the county. There was estiniah'd to have 'been a ga'fcherinR of friends and neighoore of upwards of 4( bo ]ay tfcelr kist respeels. 'Phe services wpe eooducted by the Bev. e. s. Jones, of the Googjfcgatimtal chnr-h. and Bev. K. A. Stilee, f t!h( Baptist . -hun-h, both of this viSage. inif-riiK'iit kmK place in the Pleroe cetoietery.