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Personal Items From Manchester

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Manchester, Mk-h.. 1-Vb. 25. Win. Nisk' and ïaniily. of Ungaosport, Ind.. WhO have liccii visiling at tüeorge Nislv's for the past iwo weeks, returaed home Mond-ay. Lynn Hardenburgb, of Tecumseh, .lent Sunday with hls íamily. Miss Aiinn 6ook, wlio lias 'been at In-. Baöhman'B fr severa! weeks, ï-eturned to ber home in Grand Rapids tttday. Kcv. Doulsa HatgUt preadhed a fine sermón on "OhrlSttan Dancers ajwl i'ard j.iaycrs" at the Universalist chniTh Sunday evening. i 'onrad Stegrniller rat to Ypsilauti and 'Deti-oit totlay ou business. F. M. Freeman left tliis inoi-ning for lonia. ivliere he will spend the reniaindci- olf the week in the trial of 'ases in that eh-euit. !:. I'.. Oai-kson, of Jaekson, was 1n lown Munday on busint "Jfan" Youughane is nww lo-catad in Baxter si ure. wtiere lie nio-d the content of his bai'ber Shop on Monday. 'J'he store has been, newly papered and painted, and he intends putting in a new outfit. Wlien pleted it wili be one. of th flnest stoope ia the OOimty. ■C. W. Case gave a "sta;;" pai-ty ti abnut 30 of Ms friends at his úone SatnrdSy v-ndiig. As to the amuse mtenta tlie gentlemen pursuel dtiriug She eveniug no infonuatiou is i-en but all report a verj eiijoyable time Mis. F. M. Freeman and Miss Cynthia Bailey remJerai several vocal and m striiniontal solos. Miss 6rae Kins. of Detroit, is the guest of Mrs. A: F. Freenran. Miss Est.lior O'Niel, stenogMp'her foi A. .I. Waters, is reported Hl. M. D. Case, who bas been seriouslj iime time. is slowly reeoverI ii ir. His daughter, Miss Etlith. liavtog 4iM! up lier poettion in Blue Ilsland, II)., will rtMiiain :ir home to usa in _ for liim.