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Says Wedey Admitted It

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It is np to Prlnee Heray of dri:iii as Kdiior Hel'ber has chalnged li i u j ii teil wlüit's what. in rli is week'a issue of the Neue Vashtenaw Poai there appeared the 'olio wng: "Wedemeyer bas Booded the country viili letters ainjounclng his eandidacy or congress and denylng that he is a andidate fot postmaster. This may '■ inic, but Mr. Wedemeyer has adïltted that such a proposltion had een made him by Mr. Smitli and we mve the cpngresgman's word ïor it liat Mr. Wedemeyer will accept. Fnrher denials or explanations are now i order." ' Mr. Wodeine.ver Uas atated poaitively o the Argus that be is out for the omina t ion for congress and ho is to be elievrd. There is no uoed f any oxylanation r denial frorn Mr. Helber as regards üs chances tor the postmastership, as ie was thrown down and he seems to ppreclate it. But what Ann Arlnxr would like to -now is whetlier Cougressiman Smith ctually did make the statement that Ved-eme.vcr was going to be the next isjicnscr of postage stamps.