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Merrill Talks Of The Accident

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Sujit. F. F: Merrill of .he HawksAusus poad returoed to ïpi'tantd itooday evawing. In an Interview In .íackson befare leavíng be said, coneeralnj; Ube accident on that line Mon(uiy: ■] all niy nearly 20 years' expericnci- in rallroading I have uever kiiown heard of au accident, like this one, fithcr on sii'am or eteetric railways. The trucks dkl aal the traek, or dicLthe feing bolt break, uu the kiiiiiiiiiit beid and Hhè bolsters milcd off the trucks. Those trucks are ike any trocks under coaches on stenm or otber electric roads, except that ow tnn-ks are some heaver tlian mosi four-wli'eled truoks. Jusi haw it happciirii is urn certain. I have my theoïy, lm! Inasttrach as I have hm liad time t' Investígate ir byquertioni;iu- il' men, ii wouid be premature to try ie say wiio is ai Cauít. Au n sigation ui gii I disprove my theory. "S I l'.-ir as rlcctrir ears is eon'cerned, rliai is absoluteJy m oí tlie question. 'l'liusi ears are gearecl to a m:!iniiiii speed, and that is the s] mu ears are always run on. unless rtowlng down Por a curve or a danger poiiii. The nn.ioriiiaii c.-i tn i i have Uu'iu go taster If be desb-ed. The ears wuuld büve ;■ lic regeared at the s!his beiore chey emild ge Carter. 'iMn-., not likc srcain engines, whre the niíinccr (ontiMls in his -ah the maximum speed iip to the limii of the locoinotive. "Tlre have had considefable ti-onble in the way of Irregular sei'Tice," continued Air. Alerrili. "sinre opening the line io .larkson. the one cause being a lack of even distrilnitioii ot' tlic pawer citrreui. [ am alniost sorry thai we begau running ears till uur suiista tions uere Ooanplete. The Irollb'e is lliai with enouiih current on the line t keep up the voltage between Ann Ai-Iku" and PmnciSCO, the ctirrenl s too strong -viiere relnt'oreed by the substatious, and the burntag of insulation a tul ertppllng of motors is Mie resuh. "We recently started the aubstatlon at Fratieisi-o and t'h;it hflps out belwee n Jacbson and Francisco, but tliero are 20 miles from Francisco to Ann Arbor wi.fhout a reinforet inent aud ihe voltaire is too there for tiwo cara puiling ff the julce. The Lima ('enh'r siibstation will COI thls eomlition u-hich c;Hiicls us now to forcé a large voimne of current on tlic trolley in arder U keep up ihe vii!t:i.ïi'. We expecl fco have t lic Lima ('enter SU-bstatlOü going in a week. and thon fchere will be no trooble nboul keeping up the sdiedule. The croseing at Ann Arbar Is de laj ed by Mie aon arrlval of the i sary D-raH, but t croasing uompletlng the line fi-om Jadkaaa to leivo'a wiü urn lie delayed long." Au explaiuition of a possible cause 0Í the aocldent was that the whèels slijpol 011 the wet rails whlle jroing down rUe hill. causing the motonuan to aipply the bmkes hard. W'hen the ear trtmek a soeüou of the rail which noukl hok! the wheels the body of tlie oar s flrst Bbumted forwartl with ü.hlen stoppage aud then toppled over rites the centrifuga! motíou on the nu-ve was attained."