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Mrs. Boyd Dead

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Mrs. lihoda K. Boyd died at her residence, L'n7 K. State erteeet, on Snnil.-iy moralng at 1 ► :: u t yolock. She had been in fatllng hc-aith tor seveuai inontihs, bul i lu ■ Imeritote cause of her i il.'.iih was a piiralrtir stroke Erom uiiic-h sQie suticn'ti mi i,-i Friday. sur tras bom in New York state bul h.-nl s]i.-m nu si of her Hft in Michigan. For 22 years rtie öved in St. JohOs, and lr. Boyd is imrii-d in place. Smce 1884 her home had been In Ann A.ctxr. Mi-s. Boyd w ui-imiI.v beloved by all wïto bnew her. 8te poasessed ;i sinjiilaiiy getítle aml amialilf diixsition. and sflie seemed aever bo eontented as uilen döilïg siiiuclliiiii;1 t(W tHlE comfort aad topplness af otters. , large elwjle df frlewis wil! taourn her loss. A tlaughter, Mrs. .lames L. t-kiaiKM-, and a sister. Miss Margare Betts, are the Ollly iiiiineüa(e i'elatives ;: in Ann Arlior. The funeral serviré was hek] Moiiilay aftemoon aml was in eliaiu'e txL Rev. e. s. Patton of the t'ongi-egaltloiiiil dinn-li. (►!' wliich eliurcli Mrs. Boyd was a member. Rev, .Mr. Xinde made appi'Oprlate i-emarks at rhe serv'n-es. X5ie intei'int'Ut 1 ooeurred Tuesday in the fanlily 1 iiv lot in St. .Muis.