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i ÉJTTtl THREE C0MPLETE LINES I jÉ&k 'iafH ■' I REPRESENTING THE V Mk m MUrLUo dloI H WL AMF productions in LADIES' FINE SHOES - the M. pPuliiülLiy) knowledge, experience and skill of the nations M wK most renovvned makers. dgR# Sü ALL THE ADVANCE SPRING STYLES " "1 are displayed in our shoe section this week. lHí Jenness Miller c dpfe Endorsed by Mrs. Jenness Mi lier, the eminent Authorffllr itJ) I.ecturer and Exponent of Physical Culture. 'W lteifc. wf DAINTY QENTEEL DRE5S f #! 11 SHOES ALL STYLES J$ 9V i Suitable for all social functions k -?'Í-?J R HEDIUIYIWEIGHTWELTEDSOLE iJHL" i SH0ES ' Á 1 I Ifk 4 i Stylish for street wear UtafvF WHl 3i ♦ POPULAR HEAVY WEIGHT 1 '2 Ë SHOES MATERIAL jH Ivf For outing and stormy weather and ?k gHB ;&. 4 VPW -UMV'iCH shHPí: WORKHANSHIP % 38 fNbW i lAfNlMbrl M1UC3 QUARANTEEO L SfeSSÜR Wide extensión edge, rope stitched solé - fc& jy f THE CELEBRATED flelba Shoe THE "PEDESTRIAN HANNISH FAD5" A made extra heavy for walking, of the sfrong est leather, yet always pliable and ' TH1S y able ENTIRE LINE (f THE "FASHION" SHAPE ík J l I worn by the society gtrl when calling jj m J m m W J O IN í L JtT THE "PERFECTION" STYLES ofleatheIi 6 V Í iér made like a woman's foot, needs no breaking Js (+ %g0ir in Wright Peters & CoTi í ♦y There is nothing superior in the shoe world to those -&;■■■ A turned out by these manufacturen. This country's HL '::ï"R' ♦} ÍS best trade wears nothing better than they make. WE Ê ARE SOLÉ AQENTS for them in Ann Arbor and are M K V? f showing a full line of all that is new and stylish for aL, . V spring and summer wear. WÊ'VtÈk. C O m Ü ilBiri V ♦) WRIQHT PETERS & CO.'S Welt and Turn Sole J% f" ü S, ♦ Shoes on the new Enghsh, straight and swing L Wl I vBt! fc V lasts; extensión and flexible soles: isij9tJJ ÉéI .' las and Vici Kid, at SfM IY# vXIf. 1N SILK AND COTTON 5 ü. I L ValUCS .. .. WASH SILKS ♦ jhm ffl A Mftst Complete Lioe of Fancy Wash Corded 5 uslaK - I rtc ííIIinos!aS in a" white, and white combined with ♦ ♦ ( rMW L 3ciiiu every color, has beeu placed on sale this week. V V VWkJ ■% -r These goods will be in brisk demand for Waists V mlri'W at HriCe thl8 sPring' beiQg d very pretty effects s., ♦ O ff ff f O ww and most reasonable in price oOC (+ $1.48 GOOD SERGE COVERED Silk Tissue and Swiss Silk, These goods ar 2S UMBUELLAS, steel rods, pearl, new-comers to the trade, this being their initial bone, silvertipped and natural haadlesd _.„ season. They will be prime favorites for rieh f V are marked now . . .' PHJU dresses for reception and evening wear, ir, ♦ V $3.25 BEST CAROLA SILK and the price being only OOC TAFFETA Umbrellas. guaranteed Colored Ta fleta Silks are always found here in V for satisfactory wear, are reduced i now l.üv every shade and color, but not at this price. We V _.. - _ _ _ _ _ handle only the best grade, reliable for wear, as ♦ WHITE DRESS GOODS l.K::75C L+ :: :: Selected especially with a view of :: :: Chantung Sllks (Linen color) here in plain weave V striped and silk embroidered are 24 o ff y CONFIRMATION DRESSES inches wide and cot you SI.OO and OC O Ny AVhite India Linons, special values laid liOuisine Silks. These beautiful soft flmshed rieh íf O out for this sale. See what you can n Silks are going lively as they well deserve, there O sL buy at I2ic, 10c, 9c and ' JV bemgnothing in the market superior „_. ÍS IrishDimitiesChecks and Stripes,, _ "em at the price $1.00 (♦ V 300,25c, 20c, .5cand I372CPoau deLer) V Persian Laws, Plain White, 32 inohes vant in delft V V? + wide, beautirjil fine textures at 65c, - blue reseda, & -flsiaSv A 50c, 40c and 5" pink, rose, white errrA x gSf + VPlaat2i??nIailiÍe'33ÍDChe8WÍdeJ2%C rAeaXSlTc: ítS S at25c,l5cdnd '2V 24inch-$ AA Mt&WK VJ?f Á Plain and C'hecked Nainsook in all w., es widepl UU Ai iC'ATfl-lí' il Vj O grades at 30r, 25c, 25c, 15c and IOC MiWWÊC ƒ il V 6 Plain and Swiss, 32 incbes S eVtSiiks1' ÊÈW,ht 1J-) 6 wide, in a large assortment of grades W „CÏ 4-Y Fancy White Lawn, open work and lace _ _ I -, at $1 and ÖC fmn= tL ' V + stripes, 28 inches wide, 30c, 25c, 15c and I j i&IBfl''''' h x- j X Established 2 1857 - - s A Monev L Back Store A