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Tbe program of the meeting oí the Lidies" l.ibrary l'nion Wednewla? fternoon was opened with several intaresting current items, the trst of which wás giveu by Mrs. Finney, o peferred to the conventions of importance an1 interest that have been held recently in Washington, and to the important matters brougbt up in the enate. Mrs. John Burg gave au excellent report of the present conditlon f the Boers. % A departuiv l'roru the usual program of meetings was taken when Miss Josle ña vid son, to the delight and satIsfaotion of her audltors, reeited "Nora O'Whalen.'" .Miss Davidson's imitación of tlic li-ish brogue is very good and the recMatlon was well remlcn-d. Mrs. Ford then save a good aecourit of educatlonal opportunitiea to the Transv;i;il. Followlag rlie line of edticatton. Mrs. Eggert toW what raany large and prominent IRwarles are doing for the poor, especlally ehildren, ment ion in, ir in particular tliose oí Milwankee, Bartford, Boston and i'itisburgto. in some, Beparate rooms are prorided Por ehildren, who are looked by some kind attendant. ïhe Plttsburgh Ilbrary kis ëstafolishetf sevjöPal .branches and books are left in the homes ut' the poor. A friendJy young visitor lakfs the liooks. gpends halt' days with the ehildren and the visits are always looked for and welcomed. The plan is proving to be an excelleni olie. Ai iliis iiiiini Mj- Cracker statod to the ladics tiiat a brancb oí the -National Consumers' league is -iaipüslK'd in Aun Arbor. She read Thi' constltution of tluj league anyl announced iha: a meeting wil] be in Harris lia.ll at :: o'eiock next week Friday and requested all U)i' ladi.'s to be present Mrs. Kelly, who lectured UefiH'c tl' Pederation of Womens' riniis last rail, wlll lectuie h tin' women some time in April. Mrs. Crooker made a few remarks in j regard u the life n" Mi-s. Lucinda Hinsdaic Stone, the mother "f clubs, that iias jnst eome irom the Tliis biography lias been in preparation during the past year nnder the supervisión oï Mrs. c]]{' Perry, assted by oiliM. h contaiás much that was written !iy herself and left ainong ' lier papei v , Xlii' regu . in the art series, ot' thé afternoon, was given by Mrs. iréorge üebec, who gave a very gyaphle and .id account of the i. tan the two lli-lliuls, Carpacclo, Giorgione and Lotto. Ac log lo Ruskinwthe Venettan spchool of painting is dlvlded into fhree per'iöds; the flrst il uní 1 180) is eleinin briglrt and religious: 1 1. ■ se l.'iL'iii classic and mythologtoal; the third ' (1 520-1H00) is povverfui, but cor.' rupt'd by th? taint of ileitth, Mrs. Bebec then gave tli'j reprt-séntntives of these periods and rheiï srylc of painting. Tbe two IJelliais, Gentiie and Giovanni, w ■ ■ intorestingly dwelt upon by 1 1. sp?.iUer ïhe nist famous painting by Gentile is ■The Preaehing of Si. Mark." Gtovanni was i'ar more eelétorated ilian his brotliii-. and his licst works are altarpler(s. Geutiie was fond of legemlary subjrets. Giovanni is cousidered one of the licsi painterg oï the ï'ith centary -and the differenee between his tirst and and later palnüngB is go tnarkei tliat oñe would naturally think it was tIm progres of centnries. His palntings adorn the wa lis of all the best art galleries. A1 ihis poin( Mi-s. tiebuc gave a ünc descrlption ui' different methods of painting, fresco being ■dopted al an carly date liy Ciov.inni Bellini. Oil was uscd as early as the lOtli eentury bul the metihods of drying iviiv slmv and cumbersome. The .■' a icd bj Bellini were madonnas and pbrtraits, in the foraier nearly always standing alone. Mrs. Rebee's' descriptlon of Madonnas and altar-pieces wae very good. ife little is known. He as one oí the i si lllu relip I Venir, in lm time, lil nol regard him re-y rcverently, bul Ruskin was a loya] d lr .-nul admirer oif hiin. One of rgula, and another is "Tvro Vi neöan Dames." Ruskin had unbounded appreeiatioii for Oarpawio's work. ririoiic. according to Ruskin, attracted and -asv a spell upon whomever he, contact wiili. He played and sang deUghlfüHy. Iü art live siiiijiTts and Hit' beautíes oí nature apealed to nim. He was born in J47T and .ilu:iys livcil in Vcnice. Tbe features "f Giorgione'g subjeots are vnorc refined than those txf Titian. He [ntrodueed the hand, resting it i raarble parapet, "The Sleeping Venus." is one of Ilis besi produc He died m 1510, oí the plague, wlieu m!y .', I years oíd. i;. Kciic's paper was very í'nlly prepered and 11 treated her su'bji'ci u such a manner that at its close her audltors seemed well nequainted wlth a few of the must prominent Venetian pointers. Several pfi ere oo exhlbltion. rhe meeting yesterday ofternoon was a vwy large one and all appre! Strs. Rebee'a paper. Mrs. Paul Kiwr wil) give "Life in Manila" nest Wedmesday afterw