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Ventilation Of Jail Is Very Poor

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The board of jai) Inspector, consisfring of JamCS Tavlor. Philip Pu ff y , F. J. Fletcher, 'board of superintendent of the poor, and William K. Chikls. eounty agent, have made rheir report and filed it "n-ith Oonnty rierk Hlum. They report that ob Feb. 19 they earefully inspected the oounty Ja. That since the period of their last examinatioii iu September there has been conüued at different times 486 prisoners, charged with offenses as follows: Draak, :04; iiisaiie, 7: boni-ding Train, 6: iodecent exposure, 1; texceny trom peraon, 6; obtaining money by False isea, 1; lareeny, 22; carryiñg racealed weapons, -: resistlng dfilcerj l: snapected ot assault, 2; truant, ::: violatlon f city ordlnances, 2; bnrglary, 3: inspection f larceny, 8; dlsorderly, 8; susplcioh, 1: evesdropping, 1; dlsturbing meeting, 2; keeping disörderly house, 1; prostltutes, 7; borse stealing, i; inaliciousness, 2: assault aod bat; tery, 7: rexlving stolen property, 1; trespass, 2; a.ssault with inti-n; to commit barm, 2; vagraney, 13; gambüng, 4: keeping of gambling house, 1; soduction. 1: robbery, 1: susplcion of burglary, 1; assauii. 2. Of these 11 were feniales. ftisonera detained i'v trial have been held in .ai! Tbc following iiumber of days each: William Stewart, 43 days, and Thomas ïii-ion. ' tiays. Xlif.v say the prisoners have DO eraployment anti that the beds, eella and halls are fair and the cl mighi Tiielr conelusions are that the tmildii &mall and that tlie ventilatioD not as good snould