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- Alumni Ass datlói) of I lie i'niversity of Michigan bas b ented by the Detroit alumni with a piaster 'in jusi nv l to mark the spot on the of Bates street, near Cong - . in Detroit, wiici-c the forenininer of tlie ivas establisheu. bhree (■ Ir wil! be suita'bly emmseti aud sel up Alumni re Tire iuscription, placed under a üke;Uc imüiliiiu'. is as follo's: ORWilNAL I'.riLDIXi; OF the cnivbbsity of michii;a.". Che L'ftiversity of XiMiigan. which Slnce is:!T )]; Been ElstaWis A1 Ami Aiiior. was Origiually Uocated At Detroit, ami Occnplecl a BuHdiag Kn-ru-il ilir Purpose 'm 1817 S On the Spol Here Designeted. The First rniirssoi-shiiis ffere Held By tlir lit'v. John Mon-teitti of the i-'irsi Protestanl cimrch awJ ihe Rtfv, Gabriel Richard oí Si Aime's Roman Catliolic ( 'hun-h. Fivnn is44 rntil Deraollshed In is-ïs The Building was Oecupied by rne Board of Educa tiou of the City of Detroit l"ii-st Siinday School in .Michgan ' Bega 11 iis Scssions in This Building .■! ,!,(]■ 4th, ISIS. This Tablet is Ereet-ed by ;ln rnivcrsiiy oí Michigan Assi,-iaiion of 1 letroit ' A. D. 1901.