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Will Present A New Ordinance

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Aun Arb 24, 1902. Editor Mme: I nutirc-cl in yuur Saturday morning Times that v.pu had an artlole cvn irado íeparaticm, and that you tated tlíat I pposed to it. 1 shnplj wis'li to s; id) is not tlie faet, and i liar 1 aan hearti'ly in favor oí grade sepa rat ion pravidfcüg we can h.-ivi' i ín sm-li a way so as not to ihr.iw a large portlon of tflie expense u])dii 1)10 city. Tin: ]an Mr. Ash!ty propases is not .grade separation. Ili; simply proposea to evate liis muin track and leave tlie sutr!i. or sidS tracks, at j;ralc. Se also proposes to ríos,, ujp l'elch and Charles sirccis. wbich tho people in tliat vii-inii.v are very mucii an'ainst. and woukl alscí liavc í lio city tío pay tlie dainfl'ges to peopeity awixers. 'jPhe oi-iiiiiancí' oonwnittee and ongineer wi-m over the gronnd a iv days ago as dáreuted ty Boe gi'ade separation eommititee, and are now working mi an ordinmicc wiiich will prote-et rtif Interest of the city, and wil] imloubtcdiy be preeenrted by rhc ewumcill at its. next meeting. Voiirs. CEO. II. FISCHER.