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Real Estate Transfers

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Williaiii II. Dvmleavy to Jaekson & Ann Ai-bor Kr. Co.. 8cio, $64. Bernard Huehl .nul wife to Henry Selmltz, Lima. $1,000. George Van'dawai'kfir and wMe to Sarah A. Moore, Ann Arbor, si. Nathan T. siy. by C. C. C.) to First National Bank. Salem, $2,700. Lncy V. 8. Morgan, by ex., to II. G. Prettyman and wife, $1,450. Luey W. S. Morgan, by ex., to Arti)ur Brown, Ann Arbw, Y4.2"O. Philip E. .Marsh to Susic IH. Marsh, Aun Arbor, 800. -:i.iii K. Koeder to Frederick Srlimid. York. ss.iMXi. Geneal Auditor i" IIn!sin X. Morton, Ann Arbor, $172.78. '). Mcrrinjan aad WlL F. Merriman, Manchester, si. ('has. Merriman and wife Bo A. ,T. Waters, Manchester, .12.". WilHani M. W'liiic. by ex., to Gny Ij. Mulllson, Aon Arbör, -S"7r. Jacob Sturm, by ex., in Louis Sninn. Saline; $185. Kinily I. Stunn to Louis Sturm, Su,linc. $1. Among the meni'bers of t4e Master Plumbers' aseociatton wlio were in Ann Arbor tliis week was ex-Mayor Ira i. Curry of Owosso. 'Mr. Curry is a Ilfelong, hard-worklng republlcan. lic was a gi'eat admirer of Pingree, and gave wliat strength Pingree liad in Owosso. As ho did not want any office bis brother was áppomted deputy oil inspector for one term, luit was tumed down the Becond term in gratitude for what Mr. Curry had done for Pingree. Mr. Curry attended tbe University in 18S5. H isa snccessful hardware dealer and one of the pushing men of OWOSSO.