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Real Estate Transfers

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Spencer D. Lennon, by hen-. 10 Meivin D. Lennon. Aun Arbor. $800. Ku)i))i i; Xfayer, by sheriff, to Union Savings Bank, .Manchester. s:;l'."p. Grahám & Hall. by sheriff, to Willlam F. Beh'fuss, Manchester, $573.02. Frank Mnnger and wife to Fred C. Perry and wife. Northfield. $575. Ada .1. (Sanders to Theophilns Larned, ' A nu Arbor. S. Edwin H. Pierce to Theopliilus Laried.. Ami Ai-bor, $000. Coltlob llanselmann. liy ex., to Tilomas Ilanseluiann, Aun Arbor, $250. Mand 1. 0. Brogap to Ellzabetb E. Duim, et al., Ypsilanti. $1,200. Friedrika Sehmid to liosa Smith. Ypsilanti, 1. Daniel Brownell to John F. Brownell, Pittslield, ,. Charles T. Kasterman and wlfe to Cari T. Storm. York. $1. Salomón Tblnao 1. 'Armoe. Lodi, .$650. A. J. Waters aiwi wite to Grace M. Lee, Manchester, T.". Charles B. Whitnian and wife to Alpha ('hapter Nu Sigma Nu. Ann Arbor, $1,900. Maiy Hrown to Josepb lïvilil, York, $450, f Warren D. Ricirarvwon to School Disirict No. 1. Ann Arlmr, $5,000. V.' H. Kweet nml wife to Sauford Cüasler, et al., ïpsilairtl, 600. Mary 1'. Harry to Laura 1".. Seymour, Aun Ai-hor. $8,100. James .May to Sylvester S. Heáth et al., Ypsilanti, $2,500. Benjamin D. Monroe, by ex eentor, to lienry ('oniish. Saline. $556.15. Horace (■'. l'rettyman and wit'p. to Martha E. Drake, Ann Arbor, Sj.'.HKI. Isab.-lla S. Guertn et al., by C. 0. C, to l-'rederick Scbmid, Saleill. $2,778. 61. Elizaljet.h l'ray to james Xcsliit, Northlield, $100. James Xesiiit and wife to James NesiikI wife. Xorihtield. $1,500. Renben Kmery and wife to James Nesind wife, Notrhfled, $1.500. Gustav Kohde et al. i Aiijrust liohde, Ann ArbTr, SJ('. 1 I, to August Rohde, A mi Arbor, SI, 000. Frederick Rettlch and wlfe to S Savings ,Bank, Arm Ai-ber. .SI.j.OOO. Freedriek Reütick and wit'e. K. Ebertoa'ch to Kniest E. Eberi, t al., .S7..'.oi. D., Y. A. A. By. to I).. Y.. A. A. & .T . By., Washtenaw oounty, $i. rpsilanti & Saline Bletrlc Ky. Co. to DL, Y., A. A. c J. By., Wasbtenaw eouuty, ?1 Ypsilantí ,v 'Saline Bleetric Railway Co. to I.. V.. a. a. & J. Ry. Wayiicenaw cóunty, %1„ i Hawkes & Aagus ro D„ Y., A. A. .v Ry. right of way, si. Gearge W. Weed and wife to Charles F. Zachman. Salem, .?700.