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Real Estate Transfers

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Spencer D. Lennon, by heir, to Melvin D. Lennon. Ann Arbor, $800.

Kump & Mayer, by sheriff, to Union Savings Bank, .Manchester. $325.

Graham & Hall. by sheriff, to William F. Rehfuss, Manchester, $573.02.

Frank Munger and wife to Fred C. Perry and wife, Northfield. $575.

Ada .J. Sanders to Theophilus Larned,  Ann Arbor. $225..

Edwin H. Pierce to Theophilus Laried, Ann Arbor, $600.

Gottlob Hanselmann, Ann Arbor, by ex., to Thomas Hanselmann, Ann Arbor, $250.

Mand I. C. Brogan to Elizabeth E. Dunn, et al., Ypsilanti. $1,200.

Friedrika Schmid to Rosa Smith, Ypsilanti, $1.

Daniel Brownell to John F. Brownell, Pittsfield, $1

Charles T. Easterman and wife to Carl T. Storm, York. $1.

Salomón Talmo L'Armee, Lodi, .$650.

A. J. Waters and wife to Grace M. Lee, Manchester, S75.

Charles B. Whitman and wife to Alpha Chapter Nu Sigma Nu. Ann Arbor, $1,900.

Mary Brown to Joseph Ruhl, York, $450,

Warren D. Ricnaroson to School District No. 1,  Ann Arbor, $5,000.

W. H. Sweet and wife to Sanford Casler, et al., Ypsilanti, $600.

Mary P. Harry to Laura E. Seymour, Ann Arbor. $3,100.

James .May to Sylvester S. Heáth et al., Ypsilanti, $2,500.

Benjamin D. Monroe, by executor, to Henry Cornish, Saline. $555.15.

Horace G. Prettyman and wife to Martha E. Drake, Ann Arbor, $4,900.

Isabella S. Guerin et al., by C. C. C, to Frederick Schmid, Salem, $2,778.61.

Elizabeth Pray to James Nesbit, Northfield, $100.

James Nesbit and wife to James Nesbet and wife. Northfield, $1,500.

Reuben Emery and wife to James Nesbet and wife, Northfield, $1.500.

Gustav Rohde et al. to August Rohde, Ann Arbor, $200.

Gustav Rohde to August Rohde, Ann Arbor, $1,000.

Frederick Rettich and wife to State Savings Bank, Ann Arbor, $15,000.

Freedrick Rettick and wife. to Ernest E. Eberbach et al, $7,500.

D., Y. & A. A. Ry. to D.. Y., A. A. & J. Ry., Washtenaw county, $1.

Ypsilanti & Saline Electric Ry. Co. to D., Y., A. A. & J. Ry., Washtenaw county,

Ypsilanti & Saline Electric Railway Co. to D.. Y., A. A.  Washtenaw county, $1.

Hawkes & Angus to D., Y., A. A., Ry. right of way, $1.

George W. Weed and wife to Charles F. Zachman. Salem, .$700.