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Plans For The New Church

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The Seventh Day Adventist conference of Michigan have purchased a lot on the Miller addition on Prospect avenue and have begun the excavating preparatory to building a new $3,500 church ediflce. The one which they occupy at present was sold some time ago to Dr. Kliugman. The new church wül be a frame structure with a seating capacity of 300. The church will be divided into two rooms, ene to be used for preachIng services and the otlier for Sunday school. Large folding doors will aeperate the two rooms and in case the entire space is ueeded the doors may be opened, making a fine auditorium. The Rev. Mr. Howell, who has been the pastor of the church for some time, left recently and went to Tennessee, where he took up the work in his new field. This left the church without a pastor, so in the nbsence of a leader Dr. Marsh has acted in that eapacity. A new pastor will be appointed for the church here at the state conference which will be held in Alma in the latter part of August. The congrega tion in the Seventh Day Adventist church was, a few years ago, a comparatively good sized one, composed chiefly of students, but the members at present number only about thirty-five. This diminution is oaused by the establishment of colleges of their sect and which are almost without exception attended by the members of this church in preference to other universities, thus deereasing the members of this congrcfialion. which depends so tergely upon the students. What this church lacks in numbers lt makes up in enthusiasm. The probability is that this church, though it will never be large in members, will have n powerful influenee for good in the cKy.