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"loveliest Place To Get Married"

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William Carlisle Gaskill, who says that this is hls twenty-second summer in the battle of life and who gives his occupation as a showman, hied himself iuto town ïhursday aftcrnoon and in a bold hand registered himself at the Cook house, also Miss Florlne Duvall. The lady not putting in an appearance when Mr. Gaskill. indited his autograph on the hotel register, the obliging clerk asked in his suavest tones: "Where is the lady?" 'Oh, she'll be here later," replied Jlr. Gaskill, and with this informatlon he hiked himself off to look up the Michigan Central railroad time table. Later Miss Florine, a bewltching little djfmsel, arrlved on the scène. In company with Mr. Gaskill she went to the oounty cletk'e office, where she blushingly confessed that she had passed the sweet sixteen milestone by three years and said she was from Boston and was an actress by profession. County ('lerk Blum, in his most affable manner, gave Mr. Gaskill the document which entitled Mm to make Miss Florine his better half. Theu the pair departed, Florine remarking as she went that Ann Afbor was "just the loveliest place in all the world to get married." It is understood that tne couple were married by the Rev. Father Ivelly, they haring left for St. Thomas' rectory after getting the license. Father Kelly was out of the city Friday, henee the supposition that he performed the marriage ceremony could not be verifled.