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A Quart Baby

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Now and again there is an item in the newspapers concerning the birth of a puny baby so small that a quart cup holds it comfortably. If the article told all the f acts it would probably teil also of a mother who in weakness and misery had looked forward to the baby's advent ■with shrinking and fear. To have fine, healthy children the mother must be healthy, and it Í9 the cornmon testimony v of mothers that the mÊT use of Dr. Pierce'8 Sr fcxL. Favorite PrescripJKj JA ]k tion not only proKlw motes the mother's ■JBOSyV health but also giyes ff Vin her str.enStl1 to 8 49 ï ymÊ Favorite PreTV ' 'Sr VSl. BL scription " accom yfJÉA j plishes these resulta S BL W by tranquilizing the I jS I nerves, promoting a JPW1 '"JmbSr healthy appetite, ? and giving refreshing sleep. It increase9 physical_ vigor and gives great muscular elasticity, so that the baby's advent is practically painless. It is the best of tonica for nursing mothers. I cladly recommena Lr. i-icrcc s ravuinu Prescnptión," writes Mrs. J. W. G. Stephens, oí Mila. Northumberland County, Va. Before my thml little boy was born I took srx bottles. He is the finest child and has been from birth, and I suffered very much less than I ever did before. I uuhcsitatingly advise expectant mothers to use the 'Favorite Prescription.1 ■ The dealer who offers a substitute fot "Favorite Prescription" does so to gain the little more profit paid on the sala of less meritorious medicines. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, containing 1008 pages, is sent ree on receipt of stamps to pay expensa of mailing only. Send 31 one-cenl stamps for the cloth-bound volume, 01 only 21 stamps for the book in papel covers. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Bul falo, K. Y.