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Many Teachers In Attendance

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The srnnmer session of #the University of Michigan is growing more and more popular oach year, as it becomes more widely knowu among students all over the country. Xot only are teachers who are deserious of doing some special work attracted by the school, Dut also large numbers of persons who wish to review their preparatory studies before entering upon their regular university work. Courses are given in several branches whieh entirely cover the ground required for admission to the University and by the state board of education for a teacher's certifícate. There are also advanced courses, credit for which count toward an advanced degree, which is the ambition of many a student. The greatest percentage of students in the summer school are teachers coming to perfect themselves in some certain branch. The pedagogical side is specially emphasized in the summer work. Lectures are given which bear on the work of the teaching of Latin, English, etc. Many teachers are taking up advanced work this summer with the intention of returning to the University at some later time to finish their course. One hundred and twenty-four of the students. are graduates from various universities and colleges and a number of them are teachers in the smaller colleges throughout the country. Xearly every state university has one or more representatives here. Michigan University has by far the largest number of graduates in attendance. The Ypsilanti State Xormal ranks next and the M. A. C. is close in rank.. The number is about equally divided as to sex. A large number of talented women are taking work and prove themselves to be very brilliant seholars in many cases. The students range in age from the beardless youth to the grey haired man. The oldest student is a man 52 years of age, with half a lifetime's experience in teaching, who is taking work to brush up 'his knowledge in some of his favoFite subjects. The youngest student is a girl, eighteen years of age, who is a sophmore in college and who is taking heavy work intending to shorten her course by one semester, whieh she will do in the summer sessions. The courses which scem to be the more largely attended are those in Frenoh, Germán, botany, physics and chemistry. ' Every course offered has some students persuing studies in that particular work. A large number of student are doing a good deal of work in the libraries taking advantage of the unsurpassed opportunities which is afforded by the large collection of reference books. The members of the faculty of the University who teach in the summer session are among the ablest in América. In addition to those from this University are the following from other schools: Prof. Wm. H. Munson, B. S., professor of history in Indiana State University; Wm. :H. Sherzer, Ph. D., Ypsilanti Normal, geology; Cl.iyton Teetzel, L. L. D., instructor in State Xormal, physical training; D W. Springer, Ann Arbor high school, science of accounts. The courses will end Aug. 8, after a most suecessful session with the largest enrollment since the 'summer school has 'been instituted.