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Cost Of Living Is Much Increased

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It costs just about a third more to live now than it did a year ago. Large as this fraotlon may seem, the statement is borne out by a comparison of prices of comodities of the two seasons. The great staples whieh are regarded as the necessarles of life are all liighor. Cattle, hogs and sheop and their producĂ­s are now selling at figures that would have seemed fabulons a year ago. Wheat, corn, oats and hay are generally away ahead of their quotations at that time. Fruits and vegetables, though recently they have declined ! somewhat, have mnint.iined a uniform level of high priees that hnve been regarded as little short of phenomenal. Potatoes have sold for half a year at $1 or more a bushei; bread has advanced or bakers have depreelated the size and quantity of their loaves. In canned fruits the markec in one line after another has been cornered and priees boosted. In Chicago lately canned toniatoes have been advanced 10 eents; peaches that were overabundant and a drug on the market last fall are now selling in canned form at the same priees they did when the erop was almost a'total fallure. More than any other necessity, however, meat has advanced until it is almost beyond the reach of any save the wealthy or extravagant. The only thing that has not advanced in proportion to the cost of living is the price of labor. In some lines an advance of 10 to 15 per cent has been allowed, but in most lines the rate of wages remain the same as a year ago. - Exchange.