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Government Food Tests

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When Dr. W. H. Wilcy, eilief of the bureau of animal industry, gets back to the United States from Europe, whither he sailed the other day, the United States governnient will establish a free tablo for people who are willing to havo their stomachs experimentad with. The purpose is to conduct experiments to determine whether the foreign substances added to food producĂ­s are detrimente! to the health of man. While Dr. Wiley is in Europe the civil service commission wlll hold examinatlons and prepare an eligible list of expert physiological chemists to aid him in the work. Congres appropriated 10,000 for it. After that healthy young men who are willing to eat free food that may or may not have deleterious ingredients wlll be in dernand. If Dr. Wiley can get to experiment on college students, they will be his preference. He wants to get soine college to let him set up a "training table." Each student who eats at this table is to give his word of honor not to eat anything except what he gets at the govarament restaurant. The first ten days or so will tben be devoted to feeding the subjects a good healthful quantlty of the ordinary foods with no object in view but to get them in a perfectly normal condition. Then the effect of a certain chemical - borax, tor instance - will be tried. After the effect of this has been noted, another preservative chemical In common use will-be taken up; then a colorlng substance, etc, until the gamut of color and preservative has been run and the bureau has obtained data enough on which to base correct conclusions. A systeru similar to this is to be tried in the United States army, when new rations will be tested.