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While Secretury Root was at Oyster Bay, N. Y., the president considered the approved report of the army uniform board, says a Washington dispatch. The order of the new uniform will go Into effect on Jan. 1. Among the changes are the following: The f uil dress coat is about the same as at present, save the buttons are more spreading, with ornamentations on the sleeve and with the rank designated on the sleeve instead of the shoulder kuot. A new dress uniform is provided, conslsting of a sack coat of woolen or cotton material of an olive drab color, with trousers to match. It is intended to provide suits wliich can be worn in cold weather that are almost a duplícate of the present khaki uniforms. The new overcoat will be a doublé breasted ulster of olive drab woolen material, and is to replace the old dark blue overcoat now worn. General and staff officers are to have full dress trousers with gold lace as a stripe, officers of the line wearing the present stripe to desígnate the service. The chapeau is retained for general offlcers and officers of the staff department, to be worn with full dress uniform. A new full dress cap is provided, differing considerabiy from the present cap in design and trimmings. A new pattern of saber has been adopted for all offlcers in place of the sword now in use. A full dress coat for officers for evening' wear has been provided, cut swallowtail. The old dress coat for enlisted men has been abandoned and the dress blouse substituted.