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Burglars Were Frightened Away

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Au ineffectual attempt was made by two men, probably burglars, to enter the residence of Attorney W. TV. Wedemeyer, at 511 E. Kingsley street, afoout 1:30 o'clock Tuesday morning. About that hour iJIrs. Wedemeyer, who has been 111 for sevèral weeks and who has been using a downstars room in the house, so that she mightnot foe fatigued by havlng to go upstairs ■was suddenly startled by hearing noises at the back door of the house She called her mirse, who was sleeping in an adjoining room. When tne nurse responded the noises had died áway and it was thought by Mrs. Wedemeyer that they were not of a character to indícate that anyone was attemptiiii. to enter the house. Mrs. A edemeyer was considerably frightened, however, and the nurse remained with her. Soon the noises were heard again and from their sound it was apparent that someone was trying to break into the house. Mr. W edemeyer was summoned by the nurse. He dressed hurTiedly and carne downstairs. As he opened the kitchen door he heard tb e hnrrying footsteps of two men who were going in the direction of the etreet After some investigaron he found that the cellar door had been tampered with and that an effort had been made by the men to get into the house through tlie kitchen window. The attempted burglary was reported to the pólice Tuesday, 'but as no description of the men can be given by Mr. Wedemeyer it will probably be difficult to lócate them. Lately Ann Arbor seems to be stamping ground for notorious thieve who, coming here from outside citie get in their work and disappear be fore the pólice have any knowledg that they are in town.