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Xlie roof of the Presbyterian churcli is being reshingleu. J. E. Beal is making extensive iinprovements on the interior of his home on S. Fifth avenue. It looks as if the awks-Angus electric line between Jackson and Lansing will not be completed this year. The Hawks eleetric line being built to Vandercook's lake from Jackson will probably be extended to Wolf lake. The funeral of the late Mr. Patrick Donovan took place from the house on Sunday afternoon at 2;30 o'clock. Dr. D. W. Xolan, formerly a veterinary surgeon in this city, is now proprietor of the Arlington house in Sanilac. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mullison Intend to remove to Detroit soon, where llr. Mullison has purchased a livery business. A marriage license has been issued to Alpheus E. Holcomb, of Bay City, and Ma'ry Alberta Palmer, of Ann Arbor. An east bound car on the D., Y., A. A. & J. near Gmss Lake Tuesday broke a flange and delayed trafflc nearly an hour. Boston Kirkpatrick, of Milán, filed a r bill for divorce yesterday against his wife, Maggie Kirkpatrick, charging her with desertion. The Y. W. C. A. rooms will be closeu during the coming month, except from 11:30 till 2 every day and from 5 to 6 Saturday evenings. Lightning killed a very valuable trotting horse belonging to .Mail Carrier James O'Kane, while it was in a pasture field in Salem. A reunión of the soldiers and sailors of Salem will bé held at the residence of J. S. Savery on August 21. A jolly good time s expected. The Infant daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kleinschmidt, of First street, dled Monday evening, and the burial occurred Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. ■Gapt. C. H. Manly is one of the delegates at large from Jackson to the democratie congressional conventioa wüieh mpets in this city August 27. The contest over the "Mame" Hiñe -will has been brouglit to a close, the parties concerned having .amieably arranged matters between themselves. The earnings of the Ann Arbor railroad for the third week in July of this year were $30,040, an increase of $231 over the corresponding week of last year. Wm, Hiñes has been promoted by ' the American Express Co. to the posltion of cashier in this office. Frank Camp has 'been promoted to a position as clerk. Anson Wright was brought bef ore Justice Doty ycsterday morning on the charge of using indecent language on the streets. The case was adjourned to August 8. Miss Woodnj'ansee, seeretary of the Y. W. C. A., will attend the Y. W. C. A. conference which will be held at Lake Geneva, Wis., August 22 to Sept. 2, inclusive. Dr. H. L. Imus, who graduated from the homeopathie school of medicine of the U. of M. this year, has located at Holland, Mich., and is enjoying a good I practice there. Mr. and Mi-ji. George Ruthruff, of Lawrence strekt, are the proud grandpareuts of a boy, whlch nrrived at the home of their son, Dr. B. S. Ruthruff, at Huroü, Ohio. General catalogues of the University of Michigan including the years' .from 1837 to 1901 and containing 714 pages are on sale at Seeretary 'Wade's office, University hall. The oíd Flghtlng Fifth Michigan infantry wül hold its 33rd annual reuiiion in Oüsville on Monday, Aug. 27. T. ,T. West, of Ypsilanti, is the seeretary of Uu' assoctation. The S. C. A. normal elass meets at Newberry Uall Saturday night from 7 to 8. The subject will be: Ten Primary Requisites of First-ciass Sunday School Teachers. .Tudgü Watkins yosterday spread tne inheritance tax on the books at the office of the probate court on the estates of Heiiry Preston and Love M. Palmer, the tas being $91.0G and $425 respectively. Zion's Young People's society will ho!d a meeting next Tuesday evening on John Waltz's lawn, corner Jefferson and Second streets. A good program is promised and light refreshments will be ser ved. Williarn Midgley, who was arrested Monday night for the second time in a month on the charge of drunkenness, was sentenced to 65 days in the Detroit House of Correetion Tuesday by Justice Gibson. The Allright 'Shoe Co., which has been doing a good business at the store 100 South Main street, formerly occupied by D. Glass, the past three months, will close out business here Saturday night. Thomas Corbett, of this city, wás elected a member of the board of auditors of the Michigan Majority Rule association of the Modern Woodmen of America, at the recent state convention at Grand Rapids. Miss Llzzie Ganzhorn, who Jias charge of the dressmaking department in one of the large dry goods stores of Wichita, Kan., arrivés home Sunday to 'spend a month with her parents at 1105 Spring street. Guy A. Kroll, who for several years has held the position of cashier for the American Express Co.'s office in this city, has resigned his position to accept a like position with the Xational Express Co. in Lansing. Prof. and Mrs. A. H. Pattengill, who left some time ago for Denver, Colo., have been obliged to return on account of Prof. Pattengill's health. They have now gone to Mackinac for the remainder of the summer. Rev. Mr. Vernor, of Hillsdale, who formerly resided on S. División streed, will occupy the pulpit of St. Andrew's church several weeks in August, -svhile Rev. Henry Tatlock is enjoying his vqcat'on on Long Island. The Sunday Free Press contains good portraits of S. W. Clarkson, of this city, and Frank Howard and Dr. D. A. McLachlan, formerly of this city, among the directors of the Peninsular Savings Bank of Detroit. Alpena county is having a more expensive time of it witb smallpox tban bad TVashtenaw couuty a year ago. Since last fall the county has paid out 15,000 for smallpos i and there are now 17 cases at Alpena. Two new, large Sterling boilers liave arrived at the L'njversity and will be place in the boiler house on the campus.. Another one is expected tö arrive within a few days for the new boiler house at the University hospital. During the present yeay C3C corporations were organized in Michigan. There were 360 manufacturing and mereantile, 235 miscellaneous, 31 mining and 10 railroads. Some 300 increased their capital during the same period. Theresa Gufler, of iHilaa, has has brought a suit for divorce against Wm. Gufler, charging him with extreme eruelty and non-support. She has also asked for an injunction restraining him from selling any of the real estáte. Dr. C. R. Wendt and Herman Schmid, of Jackson, were in the city Tuesday arranging for an excursión to Ypsilanti, Germán Day, August 7. They want the Ann Arbor societies to join the big excursión from Jackson to Ypsilanti on that day. Mr. N. P. McGay, '03 medie, was elected superintendent of the Northside Sunday school to succeed A. L. Turner. (Mr. Turner will leave soon after summer school for his home in Western New York. He will spend his vacation there and in Pennsylvania. A chorus choir consisting of fifteen or sixteen voices has been organized to sing in Christ church the coming year The director is L. L. Renwick and the organist Walter Deeks. The choir will begin its first rehearsal the coming Satuyday evening at the ehurch. Miss Anna Lucas, aged 22, died at her home, 502 Sixth street, Monday The cause of death was consump tion. The funeral was held on Wednesday at 2 p. m. from the house and 2:30 from the Zion Lutheran church, Rev. Mr. Nicklas officiating. The assault and battery case against Asa B. Nash, in which Chris. Semen, of Saline, is the complainant, was continued Monday morning by Justice Doty until Aug. 11. Attorney Arthur Brown, who represents Nash, not being able to appear in the case until that time. The new male chorus which is being organized here under the direction of G. L. Gordon, is progressing finely. Already half the required appiicants have .been found satisfactory ánd engaged. There are several more vacancies, five or six tenors being needed particularly. Herbert Johnson, the former well known N. University avenue barber has writt'en to his friend, Chief of Pólice Warren, advising him that he ! has a fine position on the cteamship Northland, running between Buffalo and Chicago. He is in charge of the barbei shop on,the vessel. The new bn 'lücl i has been recently organized in Ann Ar ! articles of associátion with Counlj 1 Clerk Bium, to be incorporated unde ! tho laws of Michigan and to be known ' as the Michigan Union Brewing Com ! pany, of Ann Arbor, Jlich. The grand lodge of IJ. O. II. wil! hold their annual meeting in Ann Arbor thia year. For tliis occasion the Germania lodge Xo. 476 has arranged a dance for Tuesday, Aug. 5, and on the first flooc a general entertainment Wijl be given for the delegates. All friends and menibers are eordially invited. On Aug. 26 three examinations will be held in the federal building, Detroit, íor the positious of pressman, compositor and toooktimder in the Philippine service. The age limit in all cases is 18 to 40 years, and the salary attached $1,400 per annum, with a prospect of advancement on a basis of nierit. A closely contested ball game was played at Centona Sunday between the employees of the Ann Arbor Organ company and the club from Dentons. The battery for Dentons was Clark, Dunlap and Stoneburner, and for Ann Arbor Gillen and Millman. The score was 12 to 11 in favor of Ann Arbor. The July tax receipts for Saturday last were $904. The collection is being mude quite rapidly. City Treasurer Tandarwarker says that if the daily receipts continue to come in as largely as they have since the collection began that there will not be many outstanding accounts on August 15, when the collection closes. There will be a recital in the Dix)oro M. E. church Tuesday evening. August 5, and also the same recital will be given in the Free church, Thursday, August 7. These recitals will be given by Mrs. H. G. Pearce, of West Bay City, who is a gradúate of Mrs. Xoble's school of elocution, Dexoit. Admission 10 cents. Eugene Helber has stated that while ie will not leave the republican party, ie will not this year afflliate with any of the $2 Judsonians, and inasmuch as ie has heretofore formally declared his intention of supporting neither Bliss nor Townsend, it is evident that these two gentlemen are included in the $2 classified list.- Adrián Press. The case against Stanley D. Thompson, former employé of the American aoiise, who was accused of obtaining a pair of trousers f rom Staebler & YVuc-rth under false pretenses, was dismissed by Justice Doty Priday on payment of the costs in the case. Thompson also paid for the trousers whieh he nail gorten Erom Staebler & Wuerth. Aklerman Phil Schuruacher came Hear losing his life about 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. He was out (Inving wlien his horse took fright at some object in the street and ran away. The buggy was overtunied and the city 'dad" thrown about 75 feet in the air. Beyond a few sore places on Uis anatoniy he is not otherwise injured. The last weekly erop bulletin issuod by the Michigan weather bureau says that mueh hay has been á&maged and much of it remains uncut. Usually the bulk of the Michigan hay erop is secured by July 5. Wheat and rye are also much later than usual. Tlius far, although much wheat and rye has been cut, very little has been secured. Attorney W. W. Wedemeyer has been invited to deliver the address at the picnic of the Fairfleld, Hadlson, Ogden and Palmyra Pioneer association, to be held at the village of Fairfleld, August 8. This is always a large and enthusiastic gathering, the attendance being from 4,000 to 8,000. Mr. Wedemeyer has accepted the tion. The neighborhood of Osborn are saddened by the death of 'Mrs. Henry Kleinschmidt, who died Friday leaving a baby daughter only six days old. Her husband and two other daughters survive her. The funeral waa held at 10 o'clock Sunday morning from the house. Interment was made in the Xorthfield Germán cemetery. ■Considerable interest is taken here eaeh month .In the puzzle pietures appearing in the Ladies Home Journal. One of the prizes for the July series of Presidents and Vice Presidents with a 25-word sketch of Washington comes to Ann Arbor, the flfth prize, 55, having been received by Mrs. S. W. Beakes. The August series is "OutDoor Sports." The marriage of Miss Alberta Palmer, of the U. of M., to Mr. Eltoii Hoioomb, of Bay City, '01 electrical engineer of the U. of JI., took place lyeterday aflenuxm at the liorne of the brlde'a mother, Mus. E. L. Palmer, 713 E. Uiiiversity avenue. Miss Palmer was giveu a "tin shower". by her rnany friends at the home of Mrs. Adarns, tfoKroe gtreet, which was heartily enuyed by all present. The ice cream social given by the Bethlöhem Verein Friday evening was argely attended. It was a disappoint ment that the weather was so inclement that it was impossible to hold the affair on the lawn as was planned. About five or six hundred people were in attendance. Ice cream, cake, coffee and bananas were served. Seventy-five dollars were realized from the sale of tickets, $35 being profit. The treasury department has issued a warning of new eounterfeits described as follows: "Twenty-dollar gold certifícate, check letter A, píate number 51, act of July 12, 1SS2; J. W. Lyons, register; Ellis II. Roberts, treasurerj portrait of Garfield; and ?5 silver e, check letter A. series oí is'.iii; .1. W. i ister; Tllis H. Roberts, treasurer; portrait of 'Onepapa'." These eounterfeits are crudoly executed pliotographs, with coloring applied to seáis, numeráis and backs in sucli a bungling manner as to make impossible tlieir extensive circulation. 'X HG 1CG CÏ'Oiini SÜCI.l 1 WUICH WuS given by the Five Hundred Dollar Girls last Saturday evening, on the fifth ward school grounds for the benefit of the First Union chureh, was a snccess, both socialy and finaneiaüy. There was a large attendance and all had a pleasant time. The grounds lighted with lanterns presented a very pretty appearance. Rev. L. G. Herbert, of Grass Lake, has begun suit against the Hawks-Angus Co. for $30,000 damages for injuries sustained by the overturning of a car on a sharp grade near Jackson last winter. Mr. Herbert is a Congregational minister of Grass Lake and reeeived a broken leg and other In;ur;es in the accident from which. he alleges 'ae bas not recovered. The meanest swindler heard of is a man who has been operating in different counties in the state. Hls game is a dental one. He goes to a house and estracts teeth without cost, providing a new set is to go in. He calis again in a few days gets half the price for the píate, and fails to appear again, leaving his victim minus teeth and cash. - Manchester Enterprise. The Washtenaw County Fair committee have gotten out glaring handbills which are being passed around today announcing the date of the fair. Efforts are being made to make this year surpass all preceding years in the history of the county's annual exhibition of crops, etc. The fair opens this year earlier than heretofore, the dates being Sept. 9, 10, 11, 12, inclusive. The State Board of Charities met at Petoskey Monday and approved of the plans for the new psychopathic ward of the hospital. Regent Farr represented the University. No changes will be made in the plans except that ordinary brick will be used instead of paving brick as was specifled in the contract. Mr. C. A. Sauer will begin work on the building immediately. Fine arts at the Washtenaw county fair will be given particular attention and all amateur artista sbould bring their hand-painted china for exhibition, also needie work, burned wood or leather. In fact everything in the nature of fine arts will be exhibited and all are invited to particípate in the exhibit. For inforniation to give or get write Leo Gruner, manager fine arts. The funeral of Patrick Donovan, whlch was held Sunday aftemoon at 2 o'clock from his late residence. '■'■"' Malden Lane, was largely attended by the friends of the deceased. The funeral sermón was preached by Rer. Cari S. Patton, of the Congi-egationa! church. A brother and three sons of the tleceased acted as pallbearers. Intermcnt took place at Forest Hill cemetery- During the long summer days, reading matte1 to the tlred patients of the hospitals is a gift that is most gratefnlly accepted. In University hall in the northwest corner is a receptacle for such matter, which will be conveyed to the patients. Anyone not considering it too much trouble would be well repaid by taking it to the hospital by the pleasure it will give the inmates. Sonie of the Jackson people are querylng as to whether Candidate Charles E. Townsend did not give a quit claim deed to Bill Judson of all he federal patronage in Washtenaw hat belongs to the congressman in reurn for Bill swinging the Washtenaw delegation to him at the convention ast month. There are intimations that Jül can produce the deed.- Detroit Svening News. The marriage of Miss Mary Frothngham, daughter of the late Dr. Frothlngham, of Detroit, took jslace at the home of the bride in 'Detroit yesterday. The ïnarriage, which will be a very quiet one, was to take ilace In the fall, but the plans lave been changed owing to the position of the grooni who is a young lientenant in the regular army. He has been ordered to Fort Brady. The street coniniittee went out to rLy corner of Sixth and Madison streets Monday -aftwnoon to look at 8ome work belng done there. Aldennan y took Mr. Schleicher, of the Board of Public Works, to task for doing work "there without authority of the council. A hot debate ensued. Aid. Claucy was supported by Aid. Schlenker. They objected to 2-ineh tile being used to carry off the surface water of a whole bloek. If there is nothing el se of interest at the great Washtenaw Fair, the Germán village will furnish enough enjoyment and amusement for all. Part of it be under a big circus tent, wliile the best of it will be under real shade trees beside the tent. This grove will be made with 100 25-foot saplings and will be the finest and coolest floor on the grounds. Here you can eat your lunches and quench your thirst and listen to a fine orchestra which wil! play all afternoon. ïhe campus, this year, presenta a more attraetive and pleasing appearance than for soine t5me, the freshness being no doubt due to the many rains Perhaps no prettier spot can be seen there tüan on the west side extending al! along State street. The vineelad rnain hall and irnposing law building forra an elïective background for the íinely kept lawn and walks and the four large flower beds of foliage planta and geranlonia make ii. ■ mos delightful one.