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Wayne County Wants The Nominee

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The Wayne county democratie view of the congressional situation in this district, evidently inspired by John Mclnerney, the Wayne mernber of the congressional cominittee is given in üie Detroit Free Press as follows: While that portion of Wayne county, which is in the second district, is normally publican by a large majority, this year the democrats say there wlll be a change'. Heretofore every Republican who has received the eleetion has done so through the republican votes of Wayne county. they say, and they figure 'that they certainly ought to be entttled to some consideration at the hands of the party. They are arguing het the failure of the republican mriy to nomínate Mark Bacon was a hrow-down for Wayne county, and he action of Townsend in selecting his ïuniber of the congressional corumitee from ZS'orthville was another. This ïas disgruntjed many who voted the epu'blican ticket before, and many threats are being made to the effect that this year the ticket will be bolted. In diseussing the matter yesterday Secretary 'Mclnerney stated that in the opinión of many people in Wyandotte the time now ripe for tlie eleetion of a democratie congressman from the second district. ■Without doubt there will be many republicans voting our ticket this fall," said Mr. 'Mclnerney, " and if a Wayne county man receives the nornination T .i m sure Townsend will be defeated In our portion of the district he is exceedinly unpopulnr. and it seems good sense to say that with the proper rnan the democrats could swing enougli votes in AVayne county alone to carry the day. I ani sure that Wyandotte will contribute óOO votes to the cause."