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George L. Sweet, the former efficiënt manager of the Posta; Telegrama ConiMiny ;n this citf. hns returned irom Detroit, where he has been taking a course of treatment for neuritis at the Clark mineral milis. He is now much improved and the probabilities re that he will shortly be in harness gala. He has an offer of several fine ositions in Detroit but has not yet ecided whether he will accept a potion in Detroit or not. He prefers to ênain in Aun Arbor for the present. Grand Rapids dispatches chronicle the arrest in that city of Max B. Leavitt, a prominent young man, on a charge of forgery. It is charged that he secured $6,000 from a real estáte dealer on notes signed by D. M. Amberg and wife and Dr. Louis Barth. Leavitt is a gradúate of the liternry department, ü. of M., class of '97, and wlvWe here was prominet in college and il circles. Until last January he ■;is engaged in teaching in the Orand lapide .school, but was discharged at hat time. The funeral of the Rev. Joel Kenedy was held at his late residence on . Fifth avenue at 4 o'clock Fridny ftwnoon, and was conducted by Rev. . 'M. Gelston, who spoke feelingly of Ir. Kennedy's worth and work in the linistry fór 52 years. Rev. Edward . Ninde, of the M. E. ehureh, and Rev. V. h. Tedrow, of the Trinity Lutheran liurcli also paid touching tributes to Ir. Kennedy's eharacter and his 'broad atholicity. The remains were taken Ing to Mr. Kennedy" s birth in St. Ann's, Canada. The fire department was called out hortly after 10 o'clock Friday night by i üre over Xeff's bakery shop . The fire originated in a back closet in sonie mknown manner and was first noticed )y Miss Lena Eisele. AVheu her attenion was first called to it the flames were raging and spreading over the oof. When the fire department arived, the üames hati eaten througTi a Iarge space of the outer wall. Exeept for the damage made by water, he other rooms were not damaged. The bakery shop underneath was not affected 'by the fire. William E. Pickard, who was arrestctl ;i short time ago for resisting Offlcer Hall. was ivnuinileii to j.iil yesterday by Justice Doty in default of $500 foonds. The petition' of his bondsmen, James Wilcott and Richard Kearns,' to be released from the bonds was granted by the court, before whom they appeared. Pickard has been drinking more ov less lately and had stated to one of his bondsmen, Mr. Wilcott, that he would skip out. Acting on this his bonds men refused to be responsible for him In case Pickard goes without ball now he will have a home in the county jai until nexrt October.