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The question is often heard on tbe treets, "Wlio ai-e tne demócrata going o nomínate for Congress.' SS a matter of fact nobody knows. Thi'i-e has all along been a dearth of candidates. This must nót nowêver be aken as a bad slgn. The delegates o the conventien can tlius exerciseheir judgement in picking - man who possesses merit and vote-getting qualties. To date there is only one really announced candidate, the Hon. John Strong, of Monroe. wlio was lieutenant governor unaer the Winans adminis'ratiou. The Monroe county convenion passed a resolution reqnesting its delegates, who are already selected, to urge his name as representative in congi-ess. Mr. Strong was chalrmaB af the convention and acknowledged the endorsement of his candidacy in the following well timed speech: ' "I most heartily tlmnk yon for the honor of being your chairtnan and for naming me for the honor of representIng you in Congress. The occasion is one "more than I .can really realize. Think of your district; one of the most populous and wcaltliy dlstrtcts in the United States. If I should be the choice of the convention I would gladly accept the norninaüon. When you go into that convention I want you to ' select the man that can control the most votes. I doiVt care who he is. I want to elect our man. If you can find a man that can control more votes than I can, no me him. I thank you. I will do the best that I can to be elected. I will say this: 'I never have been defeated.' " It is not at all likely, however, that Mr. Strong will be the only candidate. Lon O'Mealy, a "bright Adrián lawyer is said to be in the hands of his friends. WHlard Stearns, editor of the Adrián Press and known throughout the district as a campaigner, is said to be in a frame of rnind where he is more than willing to accept the nomination. Orrin Pierce, of Hudson, who made lie run four years ago, and who is jeleived to be stronger now than then, while not in any sense a candidate. would not decline a nomination, his friends say, if offered to him. City Attorney John Miner, of Jackson, a bright lawyer and good speaker, is reported to 'be in a receptive mood. There has been considerable talk among democratie politicians of going to Wayne county for a candidate, a section of the district that has always been terribly snubbed by congressional conventions, although it furnishes the epublican majorities. Ex-Mayor Henry Roehrig, of "Wyandotte, is poken of as a candldate who would have a good prospect of winning. He s a fine man, young and active, and has always rolled up heavy majorities n the republican stronghold. WflShtenaw candidates have not öeveloped and none of the above names, with the possible exception of Mr. Strong, can really be said to be seekOg the nomination. But evidently the iemocratlc congressional convention will have a nuniber of names from wliich to select a good candidate. The democratie congressional convention will be held in Ann Arbor, lugust 27. Three other candidatos from Wayne county have been mentioned, Dr. Jamea Cahalan, of Wyandotte and Alfred BaiteT, of ïrenton, thé postmaster t that place (ïnder Cleveland, and Marx, the W'yamlotte brewer.