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Electric Line To Whitmore

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An electrie line from Arm Arbor to Whitmore Lake is proniised for this spring, to be completcd by July 1. The promotor, Mr. Hallas, of Jackson, had a meeting this week with the Northfleld toivn board and outlined bis plans. 11e Jias an Ypsihinti and a Detroit capitaHst with hiin and claims to have $100,000 towarda building the road without other capital. The idea seems to be to build the road along the ' main road from here to Whitruore ■ on a private right of way. Mrs Hallan salet he knew where ho eould put Iris hands on the material to build the rond ut 01 en ordered for another line, and th could complete everj irked all right of way eould had boen over the right of way promlsed, esp i Northfleld ehurch anti W: The Northfleld farmers and the ldents oí Whitmore La athusiastic for the road, whieí) much to build up tliis summer A eommittee of rhich Fliet chairman and the other membera Elev. Pr. (oldrifk. .Tni'dli ',,!, .,,! County Treasurer Citarles Braun, wa appointed to secure the riglit of waj between Ann .rbor aud Wliitruorè Lake. The plan is to build the road as fa as Whitmore Lake l,v July 1 aud to Huis eatch the big summer traffic. Eventually it is rlesigued to extend the oad to Flint. ïliere is no doubt of a remeudous sunimer traffic.