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j Specials For This Week. Ij + Our January Mark Down Green Ticket Sale will be continued until Saturday night, Februery rth. J tor the benefit of our customers who were unable' to take advantage of our Jan. sale we will agaic + offer our entire stock for one week at the Green ; ; Ticket Low Prices. : : Our Linen & Cotton Goods Department ■ ; ; Join hands for a big; week's sale. Exceptionally great values in Table Linens, Towels, Napkins, ; ; Crashes, Sheets and Pillow Cases, Fine Satin Da; ; mask Table Linens at greatly reduced prices. ', Linens and Cottons are household necessities and ; ; no housewife can afford to pass this sale by. ' ' II One cb,j Cream Shaker Plan nel, per yard.. .. 4c '■ . . 25 [.iace-i Stevens Bros Linen Crash Towelinf?, per yard 5c ' lOit piec-is Stevens Bros. Linen Crash Toweling, per' ïe'knd'.Y. '.'. 9c ', V f"6 ';'"!?dale B'eche! Cotton, all you want, Vr yard 8d ■ f Burkele.v Yard Wide Cambriu. this w-ek per yard %c " ;; aOü.PieoB India Linon's, ai. per yard, 5c. 7c and ' ' IOc + 80 Mieces Blwichnd Towelinar, 10c quality, now per yard " 5c ■ + Cto.s ng.mtalotof odd Napkins at, each. " 5c " Fi-esh lor, of Linen lluck to the lOc'pil'es ' IOc ' I oü places Berkely Solt finish Loog Cioth at per yard I2c and! '".'.'.'. IOc Big' SKirt Reductions 1 $3.75 wilt buy du: s of 75 Walking and D ! m.irkeii doi. ÍSI.49 will buy in this sale one lot of Dress Skirts that have be ").00 B j. All ' Ali 3 75 '■ All$18i irtsnow ....$7.50 : Cotton Prices Cut ; Sheets and Pillow Cases. Hearken to this: [Bi 9c ; Bjeached Pillow Cases, 4öx ]'"' oc 12 ic ' ; Unhlea.-li-d Sheets 39c. Bleached Sheets 4.c , Heavy Large Bleachfd Sheets, each 50c ' 3 Bales 0 yards for '.'.'.'.' $1 00 ' ; Va id Wide Bleached Cotton, 'per yard. 5c, Oc and ..'.'..' 7c , 42-in. Bleached Pillow Cottou ...'.'....[[.... IOc '' ; Selling: White Bed Spreads at 49c, 65c, 75c, 89c ', 98c. The best values ever shown. ' Better come out in the ' ; morning; if possible ', üje Busy Store. ', ■■ "■■'Mtuitttriiinniiiiiiiiiiiii'