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Will Navin Receive The Honor?

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It is more than likely that tbe great pressure which is being brought to bear upon Governor Bliss to induce feim to appoint Thomas J. Naviu ïneinber of the Jackson prison board will be successful. The McMillan men are working for Navin, and these men are Influential. Then, the ex-convict has a large following of political friends in Detroit and is himself a shrewd and successful poliüeian of the baser sort. He bas the rather questionable taste f wanting to be trustee over tbe prison in wbicb he was biiuself at one time an inniate, "doing time" for a very serious crime. Tbe fact that Mr. Navin bas at one time been a criminal would not of course constitute in itself an insuperable objection to bis appoiutment, though it would seem a very good reason why a man of flner seusibility would not desire sucb an honor. If he kas "lived down" bis disgrace and regained the esteem of bis fellow men, bis past career may properly be overlooked and his present worth alone recognized. He certainly bas shown himself to be a man of strong will and engaging persona liry to have so far vercome the odium wliich attaches to flagrant transgression of the law, as to have reached a leadiug place in Wayne county politics. líut aside from liis persona! history, ia Toni Navln the right man to appoint to a positíon that should demand tlie highest civic virtues In the Incumhent? Can a man who luis íigured eonspieuously iu ring politics in a Ikrge city, coimnanil tlie esteem of the people of Michigan'.' Ís there anything w ha te ver : in his career, except the fact that he is personally familiar with the worktngs of the prison, that shows and fitness for the position he asKs for? Would a man possessed of any delicacy of sentiment, any í-eliuement or sense of ütness, any genuine, heartfelt repentance for his past misdeeds, think of asking for this hoaor, but would he not rather wait until euch a compliment carne to hita uneought if it carne at all? It would seem like questious of this Bort would arise in the niinds of the overnor, and of the senators, aud cause therñtó hesita te bef ore gratifying the strauge, uot to say impudent, request of Mr. Navio. But the indieations poiut to the Detroiter'a appointinent. ïhe iuflueuce of the political bosses is strong aud the goveruor will yield. Nevertheless it is pretty safe to say that Tom Naviu's appoiutmeut to the prlson board board will uot be approved by the better sentiuieut oí the people of Michigan.- Hastings Herald.