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No Adequate Primary Election Law Likely This Session

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The hypocrisy of the majority iu the Michigan legislatura relativo to the euaetuient of a pritnary electiou la is keeoiuiiig more manifest iroiu day to éay. The talk now is that sueU a ideasure for the whole state is out of the quesüon, thut while soiue iueasure of tlie kind may be passed for Wayne and Keut, there is little likelihood of auy general law being passed. This shows how little responsibility rests upou politiciaus after they have uce beeu elected to office. The sentiweut of the state was very strong during the past cauipaign for primary electiou reform, iu tact it was aluiost ■nanimous outside of the pioiessiouul iwliticiaus. of course the bosses do not want any such measure for. under its operations their calling would be greatly cireuinseribeu. The fatal mlstake made by the electora was in believing that the straddle put in the republicuu state platform ommitted Uuit party to prlmary eleetion reform, whereaa it did notliiiig of the kind. Atteution was called by the more independent journals of botli partios to the toet that the repuDlican declaratiou on the subject ïueant vmy little, but the great inajority of voters referred to vote their iarty label uther thau secure the principie they vanted by voting independently. It is true, of eourse, that the republican clubs of the state and a great many county convcntions declared for primary election reform, but this ainounted to but little so long as the machine Which drives the party machinery was coutrolled by tliose who favor the continuauce of the present corrupt caucus and convention systems. The practical politicians do not want the people to have any more direct voice in the nomlnatlona of candidatos for ofiflce. Such refusal by representatiyes of the people to do the will of their constituents will continue just as long as the people show a disposition to vote the party label rather than the principies they desire to have carried into legislation.