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Monday, the twenty -sixth instant, was tin; eeventy-third binhday of the venerable etf-Senator Palmer. ïlioinas V. Palmer has a.waye 'been a mas of good feeling aud optimistic in views. To friendo who ealled upan him on his b-irthday he expresscd his confideuee iu the future of our country, lie detlared tliat EKKJIALIlSM IS (30MING, but sla;ed just as positlvely that it liad no terror for him. He jwrea public owiKTship of miues and public Utilities. He b i the duty of the goveriinient 'to act and aot pKxmptly for the relief of the people in the emergency uion us now and s;iid that he has confidence that society is equal to 'the emergency. He does ot think fhat the Amertcan people will long endure grievous evite, lut ill take mattere iu thcir own banda nd correct abuses. Iu this he is no doubt correct and yet the progress, to ïany, seems voiy slow. This is posïbly truo because of the grinding iovrty onder whieh ?o mauy aro forced o live. Of course it is uvuch easier or oiie in tlri ex-senator's couditiou in fe to take au oiiümis-tic view than r one who has few of ;lie good hings of üfe and linds it difflcult to eep soul and body together. One's ewidition nuiy and often loes change his entire view of life. He is a slrong eitizen and a braTe one Who faces grinding poverty with the same spirit kut would pervade him in circunitances in wliich every legitímate waut and desire are properly gi-atified. It is probably true tbat 'the average f living is higher in our country today lian ever before, and yet some of the greatest evils beset us which we as a jeople have ever had to meet. Bu't very gemuine American believes the American people will eventually solve hem and in fhe interest of rig-ht and nstice. Our people are pretty patiënt under provocation, Uut when they are once thoroughly aroused they are pretty apt to have their own way. Tíhey can correct the gigantic evils which threaten, and. they will - sooner or later. Indioations now are that the Venezuelan blockade will soon be raised, due to the efforts of the Untted States government and the efforts of Minister Bowen, who representa the Venezuelan go-ernruent. It is even thought that it will be possible to straJghiten out the trou'blesouie situation without taking it to the Hagnc tribunal at all. If this 'be possible, much tiaie wül be saved and ppobably the ï-eeult wül be just as If Venezuela learns a lesson from the affair, it will ■ot have occurred en'tirely in vain. Possibly England has a lesson to learn Uso with referenee to bard anti bindng alliauces with ■Gerniany. And posibly Germany may learn that the Monroe Docirine is a living, vital jrincipl-e still. Krom the present outook there are two Americans deatlned to eome out of the affrtir with tlieir ereilit 'greatly enhanced, 'Secrehary of State John Hay and Minister Bowen.