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Chorus Girls Wouldn't Flirt

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Never were two studenta more thoroughly called down than the two wlio atternpted to inake the acquaintance of some of the "Wild Rose" chorus girls in front of the new bank building Satimluy. One of the students wore a light hat and the shorter one a red cap. They tried to flirt with the girls and then accosted them. Two girls turned squarely about. Said one: "You horrid, ugly students, mind your business. Really you two surprise me. You look like gentlemen, but you're not. Do you own your clothes? I guess not." The pair of college men tried to smile, but jthe wrinkles were frozen on their faces by the icy glanees from the girls. "Let me give you some advice. You fellows live free and easy here, but some time you'll try this once too often and get a slap right in your homely faces."