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New Piano Presented Y. M. C A.

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The new piano for the Y. M. C. A. for which the Women's Auxiliary haTe been raising funda by means of tbeir choeolatieres has been purchased," wat placed in the rooms Friday and that eveniug at the social was presented to the associatiou. It is an Ivers & Pond with a plaln but beaotiful golden oak case and a partlcularly sweet tone. A piano has long been needed and this gift cannot help bnt encourage and attmulate the members of the associatiou. The Women's Auxiliary has always boen a most oflicient and potent helper and this last is only one of a multitude of ants which has helped to make the assoeiatiou a real and lnfluential factor in the life of our city. The choeolatieres from which the money was realized have been held in some of tlie flnest homos in the city and credit is duo to a very large number t' ladios for the ultímate su of tlioso events. They have been not only money-gettera but have contributed something of real valué to the clal life of Aun Arbor. The new piano, thei is with it a doublé blessing one in the securiug of the other to come from iis u That the association members and all the youug men who frequent the rooms, botl) now and in the years to will appreciate the labor and Ice of the Au.viliary Lidies and their frieudg and the splendid gift which it has obtaineo for them out saying. As tuey ari will they appreciate il a?ul in the work of the future i atly improved quarters which the association is soon to have in its new building, they will certainly endeavor to pass on ihis "doinji for others" which bas been so beautifully illustrated in this gift of the Women's Auxiliary.