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Shuts Windows Turns On Heat

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Ono of the most unique inventlons over sepn boro has just been conipleted by Bert W. Bachtel and IIoward B. Keeney, senior engineering students frotn Flint, Mich. The new de vice euables the youug men to live almost a life of ease, for their tasks are materially lightened by an electrical nieehanism which prac├╝cally does all the work of automatlcally heating, ven├╝lating and lighting fheii room. The two inventors have made their room almost a human being. They have installed an eleetric motor in one corner of their apartments and have contrived a maze of wires which do for the young men almost all their work except their studying. The wiros are attached to an alarm clock so that every morning at C o'clock the alarm bell rings and simultaneously a pulley device shuts the window and a weight apparatus opens the register. A push button at the head of the bed turns an eleetric light on or off, and the young men can study in bed or dress in a warm room without having to endure the terrors of a cold room and a draft from an open window. At night the machinery performs a similar automatic feat. Bachtel and Keeney are enabled to retire without a care and when they are ready for sleep the hot air register closes and the window opens of their own accord. The electrie light also goes out. Besides these contrivances the two engineers have wires arrariged and connected with a push button on the study table so that the door of the room opens and shuts mysteriously. The novel mechanism is all the work of praiseworthy genius. Bachtel and Keeney might make a fortune by patentin},' the eloctrical invention, for students in general would no doubt pay wel] for a similar arrangement in their rooms. The two engineers who perfected the device live at 734 E. University avenue.