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Two Chinamen Locked Up

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Two Chinaroen, Hung Lee and Lee Sam, were arrested here Friday oy Li. T. Plummer, Chineses Inspector .il Detroit, and Polleeman Ball. Wedoesday nighi thèy ran the line at Detrolt, coming over frona 'aniula and tfaence to Aun Arbor. Friday morning they were found at Charlie Sam's laundry on State street. They are sa ld to have gmuggled a large quanüty of goods over here, but as yet the goods have not been found. One of the orientáis looks to be a Boxer, whlle the other is much smaller than that species. They are a couple of bright chapa, but refuse to talk English. They have no passports and will have to be brought tefore a United States eommissioner. ISoth seemed to think the matter a lmge joke and when they were lod to an upstairs room in the jail boili took a tumble on the bed. In trying to make liimself understood one of them took off his Lat and inside could be seen the monogram of a Yale bannér and a picture of the UniverBity hall at Yale. The owner of the hat Lee said that he liad been there. A deputy was in the room and took a few easy punches at a bag suspended from the ceiling. '"Good exercise on a cold morning," said the deputy, "try it." "Punche, punche," said one of the Chinamen, and he walked to the bag and raised his fist. Bang went the bag and the next moment the "washee washee" was rubbing his bruised face. 'Tunche back" he said and laid down on the bed. When the deputy resumed his exereise both Chinamen ducked for the furtlierest corner of the room.