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REAL ESTÁTE POR SALE. Sta'te of Michigan, Oounty of Washtenaw- 'SS. In tho matter of the estáte of Jonas Marsh, deceased. Notlce Is herefoy giren Khat in pursu.-incc of au order granted ito the undersigned, admlnistnator, with the -11 ■iiincxi il. of the estáte oí sai[ deceased, by Ebe Ilon. .Tudgo of Probate for the ranty of Waatthenaiw, on the 22nd íay of January, A. D. L903, Hiere will be sold at public vendue, to the highest bidder, at ;h sou tli front door of the -court house In the city of Aim Arbor, in the county of Washteniarw, In sald state, on Wednesday, the 1 1 th day of Marcto, A. D. 1903, at. 10 o'clock In t.e forenoon of that day (subject too all .encumbranoes by niortgage or otherwise I existing at 'the time of the sale), the foHoTvIng described real estáte, 'to I wit: Hos-inning at the southwest eorn-er of section mimiber eleven, town two sou'tlh, range live east, thence north on the west line of said section two hundred rods; thence ea&t eighty rods; thence south two hundred rods to the suuth lin( of sald scciion: thence west eighty rods to the place of beglnning; containing one hundréd acres o land, it being the west half of the souilnvcsi quarter and the somii twenty acres of the west half of" Khe northwcst (juaitcr of sectiftn number . en. A.1BO, beglrming su a polnt cm the eásl and wesl quarter line of 8 number ten, town two south, r five easi. forty-four chains and forty links west of the easi quarter of said section number ten; thence cast a long the quarter section line fortyfonr cliains and forty links to said quarter stake; thence noi-th along said section line six dhaina and twent y -■; iv,i links: tlience '. parallel with the quarter lino sixteou chains and bwenty-five Links; thi noi-tli parallel with the sccli.m line en ehains and lifty links thence west to the llni-un river; thence a long the sontherly bank of said river to a stake standing on the southerly bank of said Huron river, north fifty-two desrees and tir.een minutes west, twenty-two links froni a white oak tree twenty-tw indhes in diameter; thence south iifty-two degrees and fifteen miimics iast aloiif? the east bounds of Iíobort Giles5 additiou to the village of 'Scio to an angle in said plat; t heneo south to the place of begtonlng, belng a part of the nopthcast fractional quarter and of the south part of the north west fractional quarter of section numberten., Also, the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section number tweiity-three, 'town two south, range five east. Also. conunencing at the northwest corner of section number twenty-four, town 'two south, range tive east, running thence east seventy-two i-ods; thence south eighty rods; thence west seventy-two rods; 'thence north eighty rods to the place of beginnig. it being thirty-six acres of land off the northwest corner of the northwest quarto of said section number twentyfour, all in the township of Scio, Washfenaw county, [Michigan. January 23, 1003. W. D. HARRIMAX. Administrator with the wlll annexed. TH OS. D. KEARNEY, Attorney for Administrator. REAL ESTÁTE FOR SALE. Thos. D. Kearney, Attorney State of Michigan, County of Washtenaw-SS. In the matter of the estáte of Bernard 'Keenan, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that in puursuanee of an order granted to IÁ undersigned, executor of the estáte oí said deceased, by the Hon. Judge o Probate for the County of Wasbtonaw, on the 13th day of January, A. D. 1903, there will be sold at pnblic vendue, to the nighest Wdder, at the south front door of the court house inttie city of Ann Anbor, in the county of Washtenaw, In said state, on Tueaday, the 17th day of Mareh, A. D. 1903, at ten o'clock In the forenoo of that day (subject to all enetrmbrances by mortgage or othei-wise existing at 'the time of death of said deceased), the following described real estáte, to-wit: Lot number twelve (12), In block number three (3) norh, range number four (4) east, according to the reeorded plat of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, Michigan. Dated, Ann Arbor, January 30th 1903. PHILIP DUPFY, Exeeutor of the Estáte of Bernard Keenan, Deceased. THOS. D KEARNEY, Attorney for Executor. File Number 9289. 12-549. Estáte of Emelie Person Dommelie STATE OF MICHIGAN.COÜNTV OF Washtenaw as. At a session of tho Probato Court Tor said County oí Wiishteuaw, held at the Probate Office I ti the City of Ana Arbor, on the Hik dayof January. in the yearonethousand nine huudred and three. Present, Willis L. Watkine, Judge of Probate. In the matter of tne estáte of Emelie Person Doimnelie, deceased. On readlng and flling the Detition, duly veriBed, of Marie Urina D. Person, praying Ithat a papfr writing, purporting to be the 1 st will of said deceased, may be admltted to probate, tliat aitministration of said estáte may be ríranted to bereelf orsome other guitable perron, and that appraisers and comrnissioners lie appointed. Ii is ordered, that the Uth day of February next, at ten o'rlock Ín tlie foreuoon, at said Pro bate Oflioe be appointed f orexaminingsaid petition. Aod it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be published tnree successive weeks previous to said time of hearing, in the Demonrat, a newspaper printed and circulating ip said County of Waahtenaw. W. L. WATKIN8 [A true copy.] Judge of Probate Louis J . Lisemer, Probate Clerk