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Hounding The Chinese

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Editor Argiis - We consider the "lm niigratiou Laws," which are Bpeciall; directod against the Chinese, in nianj respecta, au outrage against decenc; and faimess. Why the scuni of al nations ghould be allowed to Üooü tin country and be unliarnpered in tliei auarchistic and unlawful effort against this country, vrhile the poo Chinmaan should be singled out, hunt ed and routed out of this country even after he has been here for sev eral years, is unexplainable. It i true his color is sallow - not quite so clear as sonie of his Caacasian breth ren, but it is of a faiier hue than that of many foreign races who are tolerated here without sttnt The Chinaman is lionest, industrious and hard working. He ininda his own business, never goes on a strike, is never au anarchist, rarely viola tes our laws, and in niauy respecta is a useful aid to our civilizatión and progresa. Undoubtedly they work slightly cheaper than most white labovers, but they sliirk tlielr work. It maj be true tbat they send some of tlieir earnings to their peopie in duna, but: ■vso question whether tli out of the States one-teuth as mueh money do many of our rich people who make thelr yearly tours to Europe and buy all their fineries there. There is, however, another phase of this question which is entirely overlooked. ïliis country sonds some of its best men and women, at the sacrifice of lii'e and comfort, to China to Christianize these people, and millions oí dollars are sent over thore t. in thnt laudable object. Would it not be much cheaper, more effectivi more sensible to Iet these people come here and Christianize them here, Vhere we have all the appliances. churches, preachers, etc, to inake effeetive Christians of them? This week there were two Chinamen in the Ann Arbor Ja.ll, who have been hunted down by the sleuth hounds of the detective service and will be put through the eruc-ible of all kinds of torture and inquisition. and if a single link will be wanting in the chain of their evidence, they will be routed out of this country. One of these Chinamen claims to have lived in this country for 15 years, but did not happen to have the papers in his possessioii then. The trouble wlth the Chinamnn is, that he has not enough votes to interest the politlclan.