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1 Our Great February vSale of FURNITURE, AND RUGS f „... ♦) - - - - _ - - - - _ _ __ __ wm in L The Largest Stock of Furniture that ever ?raced the salesroom of any furniture dealer in this city is due to arrive in a few weeks and it is for the purpose of making display toom for this splendid collection we place on V 5 sale several large lots of excellent, reliable furniture at less prices than any furniture dealer in Michigan can ♦ 6 obtain at the factories. They are pieces for which there is an everyday demand and at prices we quote we O are paying you liberally for helping us to clear our floor of them. Only a few items are mentioned L here, BÜT YOU CAN COME WITH THE EXPECTATION OF FINDING THE ARTICLE YOU WANT ON SALE. 9 . . _ S - TH.slarg'e Rio' C"JhïfifVT sv $ ! -r i ier örgains fr-, ' U No. 620 Solid Oak 5 Drawer Chiffoniers, J V - Exactly like cut whieh you with mirror top 12x20 inches, golden oak l! "2 , iind disphiAcd in furniture finish. We find af ter stock tak ing we have ' =gB? y (' ;-- """'-.V '■. ■' '■' ' -'S windowa as a hargain at about 20 lef t. They're bulky and in order to =JE=ö8= f+ $2.75 and $3.00- We have the room they occupy Lj wm i r { W-üi '' & N 30 on hand over 150 of them we reduce thè regular price _% _ s" V T' _ r:-' ani1 in order to get the which was 19.75, down to t[tJ JtO f-flbráy V : v --- __ 2 JJ ƒ ' them to you at most senS? wEsísZ 7&f!% B satioñal price it has ever - ■- - WW 3 been ycur good fortune to geg. riailtel holding BeOS érfMmÊ#, 8 lmVe come {L 1 iC Hf No 1063 Mantel Folding Beds, solid ♦' - SiWp4" ák2!! _.,._ C'; Ji I .llfl :?i oak with Preuch plate bevel mirror top i5m }Om W&3 KV 12x20, nicely finished with panel of Jv golden oak. This bed was bought to _LJ Bell at $22.00, we L% -g i LL : make the price for L f I II - IRON BE.DS ""ss"'e We find our Tron Bed stock mucb too large- We have a M-MmL+M-9 XV.-iTl. J M. A 3 number of odd patterns we have made a J% -g S Qk -. great out on - 1859 White Iron Beds, all N I )% m !Í&$toi ñ jrÊÊsskz sizes, usually sold for $2.75 - in this sale t[J-vrO Sp rK " " x ♦ ■ We llave two odd patterns of about six suits each, S V white ash, golden oak finish, large pattern front dressers with __„,„„..„„_,„ . , . . 24x30 bevel plate nürrors and nicely carved beds. These V 77O IKOIN BfcU hnely enameled in green and gold, suits are worth in any market today $25 1% -é i mm g +) some Scroll pattern, always marked rf% -j P" -we are going to move them in this V A WÏ I O Í2S.00, marked down now VI -Z Uil sale for PlTT.OU J) 769 IRON BED beautifully finished in Bobina Egg Blue, J I O J f J decorated tastefully with gold leaf, making a very attractive I -J 1 V 1 1 piece of furniture- this bed was st% 1 f LL X-A f f i- i i i -y - , llMwl ' bought to sell at S30.00, you can buy it X I II I ■ 4-4 f- 4 f- T . lil ( wfor vJ 1 1 cZ pSjI y ,tóMDñN RPn , o " ii u 48 Cane Seat Dinin Chairs, solid gÍ83 v 7OO4iKU!N BfcU large bcroll pattern, being enameled and oak with carved top. This chair we have ïSEÜlcSI decorated in blue and gold, with very heavy brass trimbeen selling as a leader for Í6 00 for a set iJÈëiölSSl V mings- this bed is actually worth $40.00 (t%SS of six and was an unequalled S L ' lF fni V -we re going to cut that price squarely V l I I II I value at that price- balance LEn I il I ) in two, yours at %J JLJ JJ of this lot we will close at each }jf H ♦ ♦ "-"--- ' A ♦ WP$M mm J i I ï "T J IT #p C ( ♦ KSÍ'1 iXx V- lx 1 iLr LJ Iv U VjrO S v WiwBfe Wehavereceivedthis weeK direct from fbreign mahers a 6 JTJJrN largeandchoicecollection of GENUINE ORIENTAL RUGS O 1 IfBIHI consisting of 18 Daghestans, 6 Shirvans, 6 Shivan's, 2 Cash♦ I (K J % V JiLJ meres, 12 KasaKs in large sizes together with a large assortV J L-: ---y%r3?iW ment of the small sizes. These rug's were bought for our De(♦ ) WfZ-X m3k cember ale but were delayed in transit and were refused ♦) ♦ M?:--tWmM by us on that account. We have effected a settlement of the ♦ tWBSSrJfodmtB-jËBKt matter in a way that we now own them on an average of 1-3 O t 0Jj:MhM the price We aeed to pay for December delivery. All ( KP tnis discount we e'ive to our trade in this sale. We very much V ♦ y desire that you come and inspect this beautiful collection (♦ , Cashmere Rugs 9.9x7.3 for $53.00 Cashmere Bugs 9.4x7 $56 50 ♦ Daghestan Rugs in a large variety of patt. rns $10.75 Daghestan Rugs, large sizes, entirely ne'w'effecYs .... W.?Z S SHIRVAN RÜGSall the genuine imported goods Sheraz Rugs 7x3.2 $21 75 A very handsome $36.50 Sheraz Rugs 6.1x3.7 $2175 V KazakRugs 8.1x3 $19.75 Sheraz Rugs 6.1x3.9 $2175 L Kazak Rugs;6.2x3.10 $18.50 Sheraz Rugs 7.3xé.6 ." $2825 V v KazakRugs 5x3.9 $19.75 Sheraz Rugs 6.6x4.4 $2875 v Kazak Rugs 7.1x3.10 $21.75 Sheraz Ruge 5.3x4.5 " """ $2875 Kazak Rugs 8.3x3.6 $18.75 Kazak Rugs 6.5x3.10 ' ' $21 OO S Kazak Rugs 5.8x3.8 $19.75 Kazak Rugs 10x3.10 $19.75 Money to Loan on Improved Farm or City Property. Apply at Insurance and Loan Office, 2d Floor K