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Our Prosperity Will Continue Its Reign During 1903

Our Prosperity Will Continue Its Reign During 1903 image
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3f - '111 ñ iff fJTlHE PROSPERITY OF 1903 WILL, I THINK, IN EVERY TJA WPl RESPECT KEEP PACE WITH THAT OF THE YEARS hfhXifrú THAT HAVE IMMEDIATELY PRECEDED IT. I HAVE gMf$CJ BEEN UNABLE TOOBSERVE ANY EVIDENCES OF !áEfÍÍp RETR0GRESSI0N IN THE SITUATION. n?0awÍ3 Business in every branch continúes to be con- ducted on a profitable basis, the crops are abundant and the railroads will have offered them during the present year a tonnage that will exceed that of 1902. The corn crop has now begun to move in heavy volume, and all signs point to a larger export trade than that of the year just closed. Manufacturera are finding a growing market for , tbeir output, the farmers are prosperous and happy, and domestic trade will also increase in volume. The railroads will take care of their increased cost of operation by a moderate advance in rates, and their physical condition lias Loen brought to such perfection that the large sums heretofore devoted to betterments ! will now become available for the dividend or surplus account. THE ONLY DIFFICULTY IN THE SITUATION IS THE FACT THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONÉY IN THE COUNTRY TO TRANSACT THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS. If the new year brings us intelligent and adequate eurrency legislation, the continuance of prosperity will be assured not only for 1903, but for years to come. „