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Plan To Check Insanity

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Apv discovery by Dr. Arthur Macdonald of WasUiugton of the cause of the Increase iu insanity. wliicli ni abled to Lonüon,. an article by W. J. Corbct, which app;ars In the January issue of the V(;t minster Review, comes pat: "From year to year, froin decade to decads, froin generatlon to geueration," says Mr. Corbet, "in spite of every effort made to slop the ravages of the dlsease, the insane continue to incrèase In great numbers. The leaven spreads annually, wlth cunmlative' force apparently, under the influeneeof the natural law of reproduction. The questlon has to be faced, How long wfll it take before the whole mass is leavened?" The lunaey returns show an appal!lng inerease during the last generation and a half. The number of registered lunatics in the United Kingdoni In 1859 was 47,992; in 1902 the number had increased to 148,031, of these 110,713 beIng in England alone, where the yearly increase works out about 2,000 victims. The official view is that the increase is more apparent than real, that the case is rather one of accumulation- that if there is an tt is not out of proportion to the increase of population. .Mr. Corbet repela this view wlth Idnignation and scorn. The present system, he declares, is sadly wanting, and hi' maintains that the marriiige of a person who ísor has been insane should be prevcnted by law. He tuinks, moreover, that tb" question is bo important that an Internationa) conference of qualified persons should be called to considcr it.