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England's Use Of Black Men In War

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Mr. fchamberlaln's action in declarIng that the Kaffir chicfs who foiigut oa our side against the Boers sh:ll receive medals marks the end of a long hypocrisy. says the Ixuidon Speaker. Up til] the close of tbe war the government strenuously denied that any natives had fought for us at all. If they did not fight, why reward thelr bravery? If, on the other hand, thoy were noncombatants, to bestow meduls at all is to abuse a coveted distinction. But If they were coznbatants then Mr. Chamberlain convicts his governmcnt of a delibérate and eomplicatcd lie. It Is of course a matter of liistory that the natives did fight on our side and. further, that thelr employment was oue of the two maiii causes that inducad' the Boers to surrender.