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Shorthand and Typewriting

To Be Organized This Year Will Begin

Monday November 16

If you want to become a stenographer, do not delay, but join this class.

If you are hesitating, this fact may interest you.

Our school has a standing order from one of the largest companies in the world for not less than twelve stenographers a year. It offers one thousand dollars a year salary to begin with. We have calls from many other companies. Within the last week we were obliged to turn down a call for a stenographer at a salary of $900 per year, because we had no one ready to take the place.

Never before has there been such a demand for first-class stenographers, such as draw the highest salaries. These calls are for young people who have made a specialty of Shorthand and Typewriting, and who can do a high grade of work. That is what our school prepares young people to do. Such young people are always in demand at liberal salaries.

Even those with a year or so of high school training and with a good knowledge of Shorthand are able to earn better salaries than many university graduates. For example, Louis McAfee, after one year in the high school studied Shorthand in our school and took a position in Cleveland last May. He is now receiving a salary of over eight hundred dollars per year.

Other YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN can do as well if they will. We offer all the opportunity to attend our school and do as well. If you ever expect to become a stenographer.


For full particulars and rates of tuition, call at the school any day between 1:30 and 2:00 P.M.

School of Shorthand

SELBY A. MORAN, Principal.

707 North Univ. Ave.

Ann Arbor, Michigan.