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Happenings In Sutton District

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Sutton District, Nov. 17.- Mr. G. A. Bennett, manager correspondence department of the Stenographic Institute, Ann Arbor, enrolled several students in this vicinity during the past week. This institution has eight applications for stenographers and has no one on hand to fill the applications. Previous to this month the tuition has been $50, but on account of the scarcity of stenographers, it has been reduced to $25.

Mr. Fred Kapp of Northfield, delivered four head of fine cattle Wednesday to Frank Dunlavey of Whitmore Lake.

The Misses Katie Barry, Matilda Kalmbach, Ester Sutton and Mr. Jerome Barry of Northfield, commenced Wednesday to take a course in short hand and typewriting in the stenographic institute of Ann Arbor.

A large crowd gathered at the home of Mr. and Mis. Frank Perkins of Ann Arbor town Tuesday evening. The occasion being a surprise on Miss Church, Mrs. Perkins sister. The main feature of the evening was cards until supper was served. After supper Sweet's orchestra of Emery, furnished music to which the young people tipped the light fantastic until the wee small hours of the morning. All reported a good time.

A raffle was held at the home of Mr. Ben Synder of Ann Arbor town, by Roy Nixon, Saturday evening. A large number of fowl of every description was disposed of in short notice. After disposing of the fowl several gallons of oysters kept the game of chance moving until eleven o'clock, when a most bountiful supper was served. After supper the merry crowd dispersed. Ducks were heard quacking in every direction for miles around.

Mrs. George Maulbetsch of Northfield, spent Friday in Ann Arbor.

Miss Louise Frazer of Northfield, was an Ann Arbor visitor Saturday.

Mr. Louis Keppler of Ann Arbor town, was in Ann Arbor Saturday on business.

A number of young people from Superior attended the dance at Granger's academy, Ann Arbor, Saturday evening.

Mrs. Jessie Steffe and daughter Laura, were in Ann Arbor Saturday.

Mr. Albert Groves of Northfield, was in Ann Arbor Saturday on business.

Several Northfield people attended the Michigan-Wisconsin football game in Ann Arbor Saturday.

Mr. Charles Smith of Ann Arbor town, was in Ann Arbor Saturday.

Mr. Albert Baur of Northfield, intends to go to Chicago the last of the week.

Miss Alice Devine of Dexter, was a Northfield visitor Sunday.

Invitations are out for a raffle to be held at John Shanhan's of Northfield, Wednesday evening.