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Death Of Former Whitmore Lady

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Whitmore Lake, Nov. 181. - Mrs. C L. Rane received the sad news, yesterday, of the death of her sister, Mrs. E. W. Featherly, of Yuba City, California, formerly Margaret J. Traynor of this place. Although she has been in poor health for nine years still it was a great shock to her many friends. Mrs. Rane and family visited her in California the past summer and only returned from there Oct. 9. The following clipping gives the facts:

Just before noon today the home of E. W. Featherly of Yuba City was saddened by the death of his beloved, Maggie. Death came so unexpectedly that none of her friends and very few of the immediate family realized that it was near. Her husband was employed in the Rosenberg packing house and only reached his wife's side in time to be with her for the last few moments.

She had often before had attacks of a complicated stomach trouble, and it is this combined with a bad cold and heart failure to which her death is attributed.

Besides a desolate home and a broken heartened husband she leaves five sisters, Mrs. George Rane, and E.A. Bevens, of Yuba City; Mrs. C. Rane, Whitmore Lake, Mich.; Mrs. Ed. Crowley and Mrs. Mary Hannon of Jackson, Mich.; and two brothers, John Traynor of Yuba City, and Ed. Traynor of Michigan.