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Pushing Work On Toledo Line

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Will Soon Finish Grading from Petersburgh to Toledo


Are Planned For—Company Will Extend Line to Whitmore Lake Eventually

The extreme quiet that has prevailed for the past few weeks regarding the Ohio & Michigan electric line between this city and Toledo, has given many the idea that the project had either been abandoned or that perhaps the promotors were not succeeding in interesting sufficient capital to put it through successfully. The facts are, however, that the project has neither been abandoned nor is it even in abeyance, but, on the contrary, the work of pushing through the road is being rushed with all possible speed.

Attorney Seth C. Randall, while in Monroe, last week saw one of the directors of the line and in answer to an inquiry as to the status of matters he said: "We are working just as hard as we can to complete the line between Toledo and Petersburgh before bad weather sets in and we expect to have this portion of the line in running shape and cars running by January 1. The grading is almost completed into Petersburgh and that end will probably be finished by the last of next week when the gang will be taken to the southern end where there is about three miles of grading to be done between the state line and Toledo.

"During the winter the preliminary work for pushing things on the northern end in the spring will all be done and the whole line will no doubt be running very early in the summer. We have not fully decided just what will be done about coming into Ann Arbor but one thing you may be sure, we shall not go by way of Saline. If the citizens of Ann Arbor persist in their spirit of antagonism toward the road and we can not get a franchise there we shall go to Ypsilanti. As a large portion of our prospective patrons in Milan, Petersburgh and Dundee prefer that route for the reason that it will give them shorter and quicker communication with Detroit. I can not understand why Ann Arbor will insist on throwing away this valuable feeder to that city just because we will not take in Saline. Why do you know that on the proposed route there are the villages of Petersburgh, Dundee and Milan, with a combined population of over 2,700, while Saline has but 548 or less than half the population of Milan alone."

The gentleman further said that if granted a franchise in Ann Arbor they wanted one that would let them out on the north as the line would undoubtedly be built To Whitmore Lake and the lake region in this vicinity and that speedily as there is a large demand for some means of transportation to that region by the residents all along the line. Of course if the line goes to Ypsilanti it will be continued to Whitmore from there.