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Mckernan Case Was Adjourned

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The case of the people vs. Chas. McKernan was on before Justice Doty Friday. The defendant being charged with placing an obstruction on the D. Y. A. A. & J. electric railway tracks, on the evening of March 22, last.

Late on that evening a car going east from Ann Arbor in the charge of ed with placing an obstruction on the just after making the curve at the Stone school house. The car was stopped and an examination showed that a plank which had lain beside the road had been placed with one end across one rail of the track and that the car had run over this breaking the end and sliding the plank along for some distance. The car was not derailed and no damage was done.

It was shown that McKernan held a grudge against certain trainmen. It was likewise brought out. that McKernan was seen in the vicinity of the obstruction. It was also brought out in the evidence that some other man flagged a car not far from the obstruction but on account of another car following that one the first did not stop.

The case was adjourned to December 4, after the people had finished their side of the case.