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Ann Arbor High Won The Game

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Defeated Mt. Pleasant in a Hot Contest


Score Made in first Half—Ann Arbor Will Play Benton Harbor for the Championship

The Interscholastic Championship of the lower peninsula rests between Ann Arbor and Benton Harbor High schools for the second time. The semi-final game was played here Friday between Ann Arbor and Mt. Pleasant and resulted in a victory for the former by a score of 6 to 0. The game was hotly contested throughout and only the timer's whistle prevented a Mt. Pleasant touchdown at the end of the first half. Ann Arbor's touchdown was made after the middle of the first half. Mt. Pleasant kicked off to Wessinger. Ann Arbor was held and punted to the middle of the field and there secured the ball on downs, but was again forced to punt. Mt. Pleasant failed to gain and Ann Arbor advanced to the 3-yard line, but again lost the ball on downs. After that the ball changed hands several times and finally Ann Arbor, using Tilden and McCain, went down the field for a touchdown, McCain making the score. He then kicked goal. Dailey kicked off to Russell, who carried the ball to the 25-yard line. Then, by a series of quarterback runs and plays in which the ends carried the ball, Mt. Pleasant placed the ball on the 5-yard line. They gained 3 yards with a line play, but the next one was held. Before they could start another play time was called.

The second half was a fierce struggle, neither team being able to gain much. McCain tried a drop kick from the 35-yard line, but failed. That was as near as either team came to scoring. Although they were defeated the Mt. Pleasant men played an excellent game and showed better team work than Ann Arbor. Their ends were much better. Their plays around Ann Arbor's ends rarely failed to gain, while the home team was held on almost every trial. Ann Arbor could not gain except by line bucking, McCain and Tilden being the only ones who could be relied upon. McCain was easily Ann Arbor's star, both on offense and defense.

The teams lined up as follows:

Ann Arbor—Taft, left end; Cushman, left tackle; Scott, left guard; Dailey, center; Henning, right guard; Tilden, right tackle; Wright, right end; Belknap, quarter back; Whittington, left half back; Wessinger, right half back; McCain, fuIl back.

Mt. Pleasant—Mabus, left end; Brubaker, left tackle; McBain, left guard; Stevens, center; Wright, right guard; Dersnak, right tackle; Crandall, right end; Stickle, quarter back; Harris, left half back; Jameson, right half back; Russel, full back.

Referee, Moore; umpire, Stripp; timers. Jocelyn and Shorts.

Time of halves, 25 minutes.